When is the perfect time to make your first baby shopping?

There is certainly no right or wrong answer to this question, each mom decides her own. Certainly the biggest choices are not to wait too long, since most brands of strollers, shells and furniture usually have longer delivery times (a month or two is usually a wait), and no future mum is likely to want a crib in the last days of pregnancy. Anyway, we are still waiting for certain larger pieces with Jan (the last major shipment is due next week), we already have a stroller at home, a shell with an isofix base is waiting in the basement, and there are quite a few other things already ready for the baby’s arrival.

Among the first ones to arrive was an order from the Evitas online store, where we chose (or rather: I chose, occasionally I asked Jan for an opinion, especially when I was in a dilemma of which of the two color combinations to choose) some wonderful things. The larger ones include Sleepyhead Deluxe baby nest in Signature Gray that offer babies safety, comfort and warmth (this is the highest quality and safety-tested baby nest in the market), Toddlekind Prettier Playmat (we chose Nordic Vintage Nude) and Nomi baby chair with all possible attachments that will allow the chair to be used from birth to teenage years. Of course, I couldn’t resist Elodie Details blankets and towel, Aden + Anais muslin blankets and Done by Deer muslin swaddles, CamCam peacock rattle and balloon music mobile rattle, a pacifier clip (+ a set of two popular Bibs pacifiers)…

I confess, it’s hard to hold back with such beautiful items, not to just buy everything. I can’t wait for everything to come together into one beautiful unit we’ll use. I’ll report everything!

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drugo tromesečje

In my experience, the second trimester was the exact opposite of the first one. I felt better each week passing by, I had lots of energy and the morning sickness disappeared god knows where (almost forgot about it – almost!). It was, however, a time to get some preparations done for the newborn.

We are expecting a girl!

We had our first clue about the sex of our baby while the gynecologist performed the nuchal scan. But the gynecologist warned us we can’t rely on the clue just yet, so we “shouldn’t buy pink clothes just yet”. Luckily we didn’t have to wait for the morphology, because we took a Nifty Plus test in the 13th week. Nifty Plus test is the leading non-invasive prenatal test to detect the risk of certain genetic abnormalities, but it can also predict the gender with 98% confidence (it can be done from week 10 of pregnancy) – I’ve already written about it in the post about the first trimester of pregnancy, otherwise you can read more about the Nifty test here. We got the results a week later by a doctor by phone (then they also came by regular mail), who also confirmed the announcement – that we were, indeed, expecting a girl. Until the night before the nuchal scan, I “felt” that it was going to be a boy, I had dreamed about it many times and in shops my eyes were leaking to boy clothes … The night before the examination, I dreamed for the first time that I had given birth to a girl and that is why I was especially confused. Well, obviously my original instinct was more than wrong, and to be perfectly honest, I really wanted to have a girl. I would have been equally happy with a son, but my memories of all the shopping, talking and all the sillines with my mom and sister were so beautiful that I really wanted to experience them with my daughter as well. Anyway, the most important thing for us is that the child is healthy. The additional guarantee was given to us by the “low risk” Nifty Plus test results and morphology.


In the second trimester, each pregnant woman goes through an examination of fetal morphology, which is considered one of the most important examinations in pregnancy. Between the 20th and 22nd week of pregnancy, the development of the fetus, its size, heart rate, individual organs and any developmental abnormalities are checked. It amazed me how meticulous the examination was, how the gynecologist measured every single thing, checked all the organs, and also made a beautiful picture for memory. Our baby did the exam with excellence (with the exception of a little nagging going on), so far it shows that she will have long legs. She had been extremely active throughout the examination, so the sports genes are clearly inherited.

Working out during pregnancy

The first trimester of my pregnancy passed with a sign of nausea, so it never occurred to me to exercise during this time. Thankfully, I went into pregnancy somehow physically well prepared, I was a little more prosperous (read: preparing for a wedding with FormaX), but still had to turn over a new leaf in the second trimester. None of the group exercises attracted me, which made me convinced even more by the personal approach of Simon Uršič (Stance Uplifted), who, together with Karla Oblak (currently on maternity leave), created a special exercise program for pregnant women, which is individually tailored to each individual . The exercise is monitored by measurements in the center of Synovia, unfortunately due to the current “Corona quarantine” situation all measurements were not made. Our training is currently done via video call, but in the first few weeks, though, he got to know me a lot in person, checking what I could do, where my weaknesses were, and what I needed to watch so that I could now train smoothly 3x a week. I move much less now (since I am practically quarantined all day), so I try to take an even longer walk with my husband Jan 2-3x a week. For the time being, I’m feeling great, Simon is adjusting excercises to my pregnancy and tummy-growth. I’m not able to do the same as before of course, but I still believe that I’m strong and fit enough to get through the rest of my pregnancy and to return to the “old rails” easily. The entire second trimester went by without pain or any other problems. Also, I am still adding Novalac Prenatal folic acid, C vitamin, D vitamin, magnesium and imunobiotics from Malinca to my diet (more in the First Trimester recap blog post).

Face skin shift and regular tummy skin care routine

If my well-being completely turned around in the second trimester, fortunately, this also applies to my skin. For the entire first trimester, and in fact, until the 15th week of pregnancy, I was accompanied by the so-called catastrophic skin. I already wrote about this in one of the blog posts where I also outlined my current skin cleansing routine. Thankfully, the skin has returned to normal, partly thanks to really strict care, but also partly due to the hormone damping.

Before pregnancy, I missed body skin care several times (I just couldn’t stand the sticky or oily feeling on my skin), as soon as I saw two bars on the pregnancy test however, that changed. The first ointment I’ve been loyal to since I was pregnant is Afrodita Baby & Mom 100% natural ointment that is just oily enough to provide skin care for hours. This is undoubtedly my favorite way of caring for my tummy, but it’s also used by mums to protect the diaper area for babies with the most sensitive skin. Another way to care for my beautifully rising belly is a combination of light lotion or body milk and Afrodita Baby & Mom almond oil. Belly care (plus hips) is part of my daily routine after a shower and so far I haven’t missed it once. Partly because my skin is itchy; partly to do at least something small to prevent any stretch marks. While stretch marks are genetically conditioned, you can still influence and blend them out with the right, regular skin care and a healthy diet.

Filling out the Pregnancy Diary with dedication

Towards the end of the first trimester, I started filling out the Pregnancy Diary – Nosečkin dnevnik, recording weekly events, beautiful (and those slightly less beautiful) moments, examinations and other events related to pregnancy or the expectation of our babyboo. At the end of the second trimester, I added all the photos previously taken. I fill in my pregnancy diary about once a week or two, so much so that the memories are still fresh, and the little book will remain in the memory of that time. I also have a later intention to keep the Infant’s Diary – Dojenčkov dnevnik covering the first year of the infant’s life. Memories will be in this way stored securely.

Maternity clothes

Although I said “good-bye” to some of my regular-sized clothes towards the end of the first quarter, the second quarter posed a serious challenge for my wardrobe. Currently, I can only wear three of my old bras (all boneless), a new Carriwell sports bra without the discomfort, and also the Carriwell pregnancy leggings I literally live in during quarantine from the same brand. Two of them were also bought by my dad in Lidl before quarantine, but otherwise there are about 5 pregnancy pants and 3 pregnancy dresses in my closet – all of them are more than unused since I spend most of my time at home; I bought a few pieces at the beginning of the year at regular fashion departments, only in larger numbers. Although I have repeatedly and clearly stated that leggings are not my pants, I still spend 90% of my time in them – they are the best choice for a home sofa and a walk. I sincerely hope that we will soon return to the old rails of normal life so I can wear some of my pregnancy clothes in public as well.

The second trimester was marked by well-being. Unforeseen quarantine due to the COVID-19 epidemic is resulting in slightly less frequent pregnancy checks, fewer shopping visits (and therefore some online shopping). I will be showing my first purchases for our baby soon, while you can follow me on Instagram @ajdasitar where more content is waiting for you.

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Getting married soon? You’re probably already flirting around with all the bigger and smaller wedding related decisions. This time around last year we already won over the most of the bigger wedding decisions, with which we were carefully guided by the wedding planners at The Infinity Events (if you are planning to get married in Slovenia, I would highly suggest you check them). The fun part of wedding planning could finally start and so we booked the Fotkar photo booth, which turned out to be a great hit!

5 reasons why a photobooth on a wedding is a great way to lighten things up

1.Photo Booth = More Wedding Photos

Good wedding photographer will try it’s best to capture all the important moment and all the groomsmen and bridesmaids and all the guests. Photo booth enables those who want a photo or two extra and they can take as many as they like, picking up their favorites.

2. Photos are ready to go!

In just a few seconds – to get them on your email or in a printed format. You need to wait for the photographer’s photos, but not for the ones from the photo booth. After the wedding the bride and the groom get a link to the photo gallery of all the photos taken. On our wedding the photos taken in the photo booth have been glued into the book of the grooms and maids (Mushu planners).

3. Fun for all ages!

Photo booth is a good fun enhancement for a wedding since you can use it to “break the ice” is is suitable for all the generations. It brings together the modern elements and the nostalgic way of taking photos like our grandparents can recall. Interestingly enough it’s the most popular within the older generation.

4. The Photo Booth Can Be Placed Anywhere.

We’ve put it outside on our lawn between the house and the tent. We chose the natural theme background, but the Fotkat offers a broad range of choice – with different colors, glittery or all kinds of digital options. They also add a personalized frame and logo. Photo booth doesn’t take much space and it’s appropriate for practically any wedding locations – big, small, closed or open aired.

5. The Photo Booth Makes The Time Fly When The Bride And The Groom Are Taking Their Photos

I have attended many weddings – the ones that kept the event going and the kinds where the bride and groom were absent for hours when they had their photos taken. We wished for some extra wedding photos. We set a time frame of about an hour in which the guests were served cold appetizers, could mix up a cocktail, chat, visit the photo booth and write something beautiful into the guest book.

Booking a photo booth for our wedding was a very good decision for us. The Fotkar crew made sure everything went on smoothly, they brought many cute props, the guests had so much fun and they got their photos right away (check Fotkar’s webpage for more info). I highly recommend it!

photo: LR Weddings (Lovro Rozina) & Fotkar

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Afrodita Clean Phase ocena

If I ever realized the true meaning of a proper skin cleaning routine it was years ago, when I stopped taking the contraception pills. I’ve been taking them for almost a decade without any problems during or before taking them when I was in puberty. I guess I could say I had a non-problematic, maybe a bit dry skin, but it all changed once I stopped taking the pill. I haven’t expected it, even though I’ve heard such stories many times. The condition of my skin or choosing the right product was, until then, no challenge for me.

Somewhere at the end of last winter I’ve met with the annoying subcutaneous pimples for the first time. They appeared on my cheek/temple area and luckily weren’t inflamed, so they looked more like clogged pores rather than the classical pimples. Nevertheless I couldn’t get rid of them. Time heals, it was no different for me, so it took time for my hormones to get in balance, but in the meantime I sought help in regular skin care.

Afrodita Clean Phase

In the evenings I relied on double skin cleansing – usually in a combination of micellar water + a gel or a cleansing foam. In the morning I used only the gel/foam. Even today I religiously stick to a thorough skin cleaning and care, since I’m not one of the lucky ones who shine with the bursting healthy pregnancy glow. If I barely put my skin into balance for my wedding, the first trimester was a catastrophe for me (you can read more about my pregnancy in the first trimester in my blog post). Luckily my skin turned for the better in the second trimester. Surely, partly because of the hormones, but also because I finally found the right skin care combo. Who knows, maybe after pregnancy some other change for the worse is waiting for me, or maybe my skin will go back on it’s good old ways.

What is my winning cleaning product combination you ask?


I start my morning with a glass of water for my body and a cold water wake-up for my facial skin. I always cleanse my face with cold or lukewarm water – never hot, since the latter makes the epidermis even dryer. When the skin is soaked I apply Afrodita Clean Phase Hydra cleansing gel on it, which is one of the products that’s being “stolen” by Jan on a regular basis. After the gel I continue with Afrodita Clean Phase Hydra tonic with aloe vera in a spray form. I spray it directly on my face and then apply a moisturizing cream.

Afrodita Clean Phase


My evening skin cleansing routine is a bit more complex. If I wear makeup through the day, I start the cleansing with two cotton pads soaked in Afrodita Clean Phase micellar water, which I press against my eyelids and wait for a few seconds and then gently rub on my eyelashes. For me, the Afrodita micellar water is one of the best, because it’s effective, it doesn’t irritate the eyes or the skin and it also doesn’t contain the controversial ingredient polyaminopropyl biguanide, which is frequently added to other micellar waters and is said to be carcinogens. I use the other side of the pads for a fast clean of my face before I attend to the second step – cleansing with the Afrodita Clean Phase micellar foam, which I mostly use in the combination with a little gadget called Eggo. The foam is very practical and economical, since it makes sure that it gets evenly spread out throughout the face and a small amount is sufficient. The combination of the micellar water and foam functions great for my skin and I have “infected” some of my friends with it as well.

Afrodita Clean Phase

Whenever I wore a water resistant mascara (which I had frequently, since the hormones help with crying in any emotional situations; an advice for all the pregnant ladies out there: DON’T go to the movies without a water mascara) is Afrodita Clean Phase dual-phase eye-makeup remover my choice. It is very efficient, even when I apply 4 layers of the water resistant mascara when I want the dramatic effect.

I gift my skin a face peeling 2 times a week as well. I avoid chemical peelings in the time of pregnancy for safety reasons. So I get rid of my dead skin cells with Afrodita Clean Phase gel peeling with active charcoal. Let me mention that it’s a product, which I would totally overlook in my non-problematic skin times. Sometimes we really need to step out of the static trends in try something new. The black little marbles melt while massaging the gel. I concentrate mostly on the nose and cheek/temple area and then I wash it off carefully with water and proceed with the skin care. I use the tonic at night as well.

Afrodita Clean Phase

Maybe it seems to you like I’m a complete fanatic of Afrodita Clean Phase product line, which is actually true, but mostly because of their vast offer. The mentioned above are my all time favorites. If I counted right the line has 12 products, of which I had tried almost all and my sister who has slightly oily skin tried out the Clean Phase Re-balance. It is very easy to find a combination, which is appropriate for any individual’s needs. The biggest plus of all is their price, the products cost around 4-6 euros and are accessible basically in any bigger drug store.

Until next time (of my skin update) don’t forget – thorough cleansing and a carefully chosen skin care are key for the beautiful skin. Bad “foundations” aren’t fixed not even the best makeup. And skin is also a very complex organ, which is affected by the environment, diet and other processes going on in the body, like hormonal change. Sometimes we just need to accept such changes and not give up on finding the best combination of products to aid them.

Afrodita Clean Phase Afrodita Clean Phase

This post was created in collaboration with Afrodita Cosmetics. As always all images, thoughts and opinions are my own.

I wanted to spoil my closest 5 girls for the best support they gave me. My sister Alja (who was my maid of honor), Tesa, Gala, Aida, and Ajda really did their best jobs even before the wedding. They were the most beautiful (literally!) and the best company on my wedding day, that’s why I knew I had to pamper them properly even before the big day – with a special pre-wedding beauty party. Viki’s Bar was perfect for it-a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Ljubljana and just the right offer to enhance our weddings looks.

Cocktails, desserts and beauty treats

On the Thursday before the wedding my girls and I met at Viki’s bar, where they arranged manicure for all with Shellac, which I’ve been a fan of for years, eyebrows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills method (I only trust my eyebrows to Viki as she really does her job perfectly) and above all arranged a great time filled with laughter, chatting and goodwill. Having a good time with the girls was particularly great for me to stop thinking about “is everything going to be ok, do we have everything and what if I forget something” fears and really just enjoy the evening.

In the end, Viki made me visit the magical Bahamas for a few minutes so that I was able to enjoy a naturally tan complexion on Saturday. Well, it looked natural, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see Bahamas, so Viki made sure to help me with the Vita Liberata’s spray tan – so I looked as close as if I really came from a three-week vacation in the Caribbean. If the spray tan is something you are interested in, make sure to check out my blog post or the highlight tab on my Instagram profile @ajdasitar. Again, she did a great job and I was really ready for the wedding weekend on Friday morning (when I washed the tan color from my skin).

A quick tip for all brides-to-be: do pamper yourself before the wedding, but make sure you try all the services beforehand. Wedding time is not time to experiment, but still trust the professionals who will make sure you have everything you need on the big day.

Shellac manicure (if handled by someone who knows it’s job) is an ideal solution for any bride, as it ensures that the nail polish is not stained and the manicure lasts not only on the wedding day but also until the end of the honeymoon (if you travel right after the wedding). Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows are the best foundation for a good makeup, and the same goes for quality facial care. I went for the Aquapeel Innofacial skin treatment at Viki’s Place twice before the marriage, which made my skin moisturized, shiny and really clean. So treat yourself with something extra – for your body and soul!

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