Why you should have a photo booth at your wedding

Getting married soon? You’re probably already flirting around with all the bigger and smaller wedding related decisions. This time around last year we already won over the most of the bigger wedding decisions, with which we were carefully guided by the wedding planners at The Infinity Events (if you are planning to get married in Slovenia, I would highly suggest you check them). The fun part of wedding planning could finally start and so we booked the Fotkar photo booth, which turned out to be a great hit!

5 reasons why a photobooth on a wedding is a great way to lighten things up

1.Photo Booth = More Wedding Photos

Good wedding photographer will try it’s best to capture all the important moment and all the groomsmen and bridesmaids and all the guests. Photo booth enables those who want a photo or two extra and they can take as many as they like, picking up their favorites.

2. Photos are ready to go!

In just a few seconds – to get them on your email or in a printed format. You need to wait for the photographer’s photos, but not for the ones from the photo booth. After the wedding the bride and the groom get a link to the photo gallery of all the photos taken. On our wedding the photos taken in the photo booth have been glued into the book of the grooms and maids (Mushu planners).

3. Fun for all ages!

Photo booth is a good fun enhancement for a wedding since you can use it to “break the ice” is is suitable for all the generations. It brings together the modern elements and the nostalgic way of taking photos like our grandparents can recall. Interestingly enough it’s the most popular within the older generation.

4. The Photo Booth Can Be Placed Anywhere.

We’ve put it outside on our lawn between the house and the tent. We chose the natural theme background, but the Fotkat offers a broad range of choice – with different colors, glittery or all kinds of digital options. They also add a personalized frame and logo. Photo booth doesn’t take much space and it’s appropriate for practically any wedding locations – big, small, closed or open aired.

5. The Photo Booth Makes The Time Fly When The Bride And The Groom Are Taking Their Photos

I have attended many weddings – the ones that kept the event going and the kinds where the bride and groom were absent for hours when they had their photos taken. We wished for some extra wedding photos. We set a time frame of about an hour in which the guests were served cold appetizers, could mix up a cocktail, chat, visit the photo booth and write something beautiful into the guest book.

Booking a photo booth for our wedding was a very good decision for us. The Fotkar crew made sure everything went on smoothly, they brought many cute props, the guests had so much fun and they got their photos right away (check Fotkar’s webpage for more info). I highly recommend it!

photo: LR Weddings (Lovro Rozina) & Fotkar



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