White is a trend that will always be “in”, especially during summer. Wearing all white clothing is definitely my go-to pick in the dead heat of summer. Since I cannot own too many white clothing items, I am sharing with you these two Tom Tailor sale finds!

Just be careful when ordering ice-cream!

outfit: Tom Tailor (shirt and skirt found on sale!)

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wedding shoes Bella Belle

The wedding dress is certainly the first, most important and most admirable wedding fashion piece. Immediately after that (besides dress for the groom, of course) the wedding dress is followed by the wedding shoes. And this is where compromises are most often made – comfort is sacrificed at the expense of looks or vice versa. However, when I was researching the market for wedding shoes, I found that this was not necessarily the case. In fact, there are wedding shoes, that will give you an aesthetic orgasm (as my dear friend likes to say), and at the same time will allow you to wear them for hours and hours – on you wedding day and during the party that follows.

All you need to know about picking your dream wedding shoes and all about mine, you can read below.

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Wadi Rum Jordan

Wadi Rum, the scenic desert also known as Valley of the Moon, is located in the southern region of Jordan and one of the Jordanian gems, you can find on UNESCO World Heritage List. Used as a filming location for many films, such as The Martian, Red Planet, Transformers 2, The Last Days on Mars, and Prometheous, the desert really looks out-of-this-world spectacular. We knew, we wanted to book a day trip exploring the area and in the end we decided to book a 1-day & 1-night tour at Rum Stars camp, a camp located in the heart of the protected area in Wadi Rum – no Wi-fi, no cell-reception, spending the night in a traditional goat-hair tent cabin, drinking Bedouin tea, feeling so small in this beautiful gigantic desert with red sand and dramatic rock formations. We were truly mesmerized by the magic of the desert during the day and night, the sky was so clear, you could see all the stars so clearly!

Read more about our stay and jeep tour in Wadi Rum desert, together with some useful tips, practical information and interesting facts.

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