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The wedding dress is certainly the first, most important and most admirable wedding fashion piece. Immediately after that (besides dress for the groom, of course) the wedding dress is followed by the wedding shoes. And this is where compromises are most often made – comfort is sacrificed at the expense of looks or vice versa. However, when I was researching the market for wedding shoes, I found that this was not necessarily the case. In fact, there are wedding shoes, that will give you an aesthetic orgasm (as my dear friend likes to say), and at the same time will allow you to wear them for hours and hours – on you wedding day and during the party that follows.

All you need to know about picking your dream wedding shoes and all about mine, you can read below.

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Wadi Rum Jordan

Wadi Rum, the scenic desert also known as Valley of the Moon, is located in the southern region of Jordan and one of the Jordanian gems, you can find on UNESCO World Heritage List. Used as a filming location for many films, such as The Martian, Red Planet, Transformers 2, The Last Days on Mars, and Prometheous, the desert really looks out-of-this-world spectacular. We knew, we wanted to book a day trip exploring the area and in the end we decided to book a 1-day & 1-night tour at Rum Stars camp, a camp located in the heart of the protected area in Wadi Rum – no Wi-fi, no cell-reception, spending the night in a traditional goat-hair tent cabin, drinking Bedouin tea, feeling so small in this beautiful gigantic desert with red sand and dramatic rock formations. We were truly mesmerized by the magic of the desert during the day and night, the sky was so clear, you could see all the stars so clearly!

Read more about our stay and jeep tour in Wadi Rum desert, together with some useful tips, practical information and interesting facts.

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floating in Dead Sea

The Dead Sea was our second stop while exploring Jordan and it’s definitely a place you should visit, if you are discovering Jordan. Floating in the Dead Sea is something I always wanted to try and my wish was finally fulfilled! Arriving from Amman located at 700m altitude (or more), we drove down to Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa, right next to the Dead Sea – the lowest point of land on Earth with more than 400m below the sea level. The whole experience – our stay and our floating is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

A few facts about the Dead Sea that you might find interesting:

  • The Dead Sea is actually a salt lake, bordering west to the Israel and the West Bank, and Jordan to the east. It was formed by the motions of the African and Arabian plates and of shear-zone faulting.
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest point of land on Earth more than 400m below the sea level and each year the elevation is getting lower and lower – Dead Sea is disappearing, the surface level is dropping more than a metre per year.
  • You cannot normally swim in it and also cannot sink because it is 8x-9x saltier than the oceans. You float! And it’s fun!
  • It doesn’t look and feel like normal sea water, it’s sort of oily. It contains high concentrations of sodium chloride and other mineral salts – with over 33% salinity.
  • There are several health benefits reported – from favorable atmospheric conditions, mineral-rich water, unique detoxifying and cleansing mud…
  • There’s no life / no living animals in the Dead Sea. Only some bacteria and microbial fungi are present. Also, you shouldn’t stay in for hours and be aware the water doesn’t get in your eyes! The first time you step in you might encounter some tingling, especially if you have freshly shaved legs, blisters or any wounds whatsoever.

Where to stay at the Dead Sea? Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa is an excellent option – scroll down to discover why!

Dead Sea

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Four Seasons Amman

Four Seasons Hotel Amman
5th Circle, Kindi St, Amman, Jordan
price: from 300€ per night

Amman was our first stop while exploring Jordan. After arriving at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, we rented a car and drove directly to the Four Seasons Amman, which was a good half an hour drive. We arrived late in the evening and were warmly welcomed by some sweet treats and fruit at our room.

Four Seasons Amman hotel is located in an upscale residential area of Amman, yet still a perfect location to explore the magnificent historic sites and the vibrant centre of the Jordan capital, Amman.

Set atop the tallest of Amman’s seven hills in the prestigious Abdoun residential area, just a short drive away from the bars and restaurants of downtown Amman, the Four Season Amman is a perfect luxury hotel to recharge your batteries while exploring the area. This 15-storey limestone building combines modern design and Greek- and Roman-style elements, as well as incorporating Jordanian marble and stone. With 192 rooms, Four Seasons Amman is a large hotel, offering stunning city views – especially, if you are staying at one of the highest floors.

Offering a perfect combination of comfort and luxury with excellent service.

Four Seasons Amman offers luxurious and spacious rooms, decorated in a neutral tones, luxurious bathrooms, heavenly comfortable beds and above all, excellent service! Outstanding service is professional, attentive, yet friendly and welcoming – their award-winning hospitality is something they are well-known for. Actually right now the hotel is already getting renovated by phases, all of the rooms will be completely renewed next year. We were unfortunately too early to enjoy their outdoor pool are with terrace (which is opened all summer), but we managed to dip in the indoor heated pool (with a spa), which was really lovely. There’s also a well-equipped fitness centre and even a squash court.

The Four Seasons Amman is pampering all of your senses.

There are several dining options at the Four Seasons Amman – three restaurants – Olea with a variety of breakfast options (as an option: you can also order breakfast in your room, as we did the second morning), La Capitale with a classic French brasserie menu, FIVE Grill & Lounge with casual dining menus. The latest is also a really popular place to go during the weekends, when we arrived there was a lot of people attending a party with lots of food and music, since it was a start of Ramadan two days after. Also, hotel’s lounge – The Foyer Lounge it’s something you shouldn’t miss, if you fancy light lunch or an afternoon tea, as well as the SIRR bar with a huge variety of drink options. The Four Seasons hotel’s entrance is something we will also definitely remember, with hundreds of fresh flower. How stunning is it?

The Four Seasons Amman is a 5***** hotel offering luxury accommodation with fine dining at three restaurants, award-winning hospitality in the centre of a vibrant city of Amman, Jordan.

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Amman Citadel

What do you need to know before visiting Amman Citadel?

Amman Citadel is located at the top of the highest hill of Jordan’s capital at 850m, in the centre of both ancient and modern Amman, surrounded by a 1700m wall dating back to Bronze Age. Not only offering full panoramic view of the city, it is a stunning historically rich sight, you shouldn’t miss, if you are visiting Jordan. We visited it in the afternoon and this way catching it in a perfect lightning right before sunset.

Opening hours of Amman Citadel

According to information I found on the internet, Amman Citadel is open from 8am to 5:30pm (in April and May), from 8am to 4pm during winter and from 8am to 6:30pm during summer. When we were there, in May 2019, the Amman Citadel was open until 7pm. You could get in any time before 6pm and stay in there for another hour. I also believe this is the best time to visit it, since the place is not so crowded in the late afternoon, and also the lightning is great to take some nice pictures.

Entrance fee for Amman Citadel

Entrance fee to the Amman Citadel is 2JD. It is free with the Jordan Pass (which you should definitely buy before entering the country – more about it in one of my upcoming blog posts).

Where to park when visiting Amman Citadel?

There’s a free parking space at the top of the hill, right next to the entrance. Also, an option is to park in Downtown Amman (there are many parking spaces available for 2JD per hour) and hike to the top or take a taxi. Note that the roads leading to Amman Citadel are often very busy and it might take you a while to get there (in this case, I suggest you find some alternative roads with the help of Google maps to avoid the traffic).

What to see at Amman Citadel?

THE TEMPLE OF HERCULES is probably the most photogenic spot of Amman Citadel. These Roman Period remains (two pillars with ruins of additional four pillars) are a symbol of Hercules’s strength. If you look closely, you will also find a hand of a large statue in between the Temple of Hercules and the museum.

THE BYZANTINE CHURCH dating back to the 5th-6th century, there’s not much left from it today, but you can still see some ruins of pillars and mosaics.

Situated in the northern part of the Amman Citadel, THE UMAYYAD PALACE from 7th-8th century offers a great view of the city. It used to be a large complex of buildings, now you can see some remains (surviving the earthquake), particularly the rebuilt entrance dome.

Located at Amman Citadel, the JORDAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM is the first public museum in Jordan, constructed in 1951. You will find some interesting artefacts there dating back from thousands of years from all over Jordan.

What to see close by the Amman Citadel?

6000-seat ROMAN THEATER carved into the hill can also be seen from the top of Amman Citadel. To enter it, you should reach it from Downtown Amman.

DOWNTOWN AMMAN can be seen directly from the Amman Citadel, since it’s located right beneath it. If you have any time left after walking the Amman Citadel, explore this traditional vibrant part of Amman, where you will find many small shops offering everything from jewellery, traditional sweets, crafts and souvenirs.

outfit: Tom Tailor x Toni Garrn

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