Luxury villa Excelsior Parco
Via Marina Grande, 179, 800076 Capri NA, Italy

While exploring the island of Capri, Italy, we stayed at Excelsior Parco, a historic residence, which is way more than simply a hotel or a classic villa. This Italian Art Nouveau villa was built in 1906 and today there are still visible sites of an Ancient Roman villa, that stood there before the renovation. Today Excelsior Parco is a luxurious hotel with 11 rooms overlooking a lovely garden or the amazing sea. Even though Capri offers lots of amazing luxurious accommodations, reasons why booking a stay at Excelsior Parco are plenty.

Outstanding views of the sea and Mount Vesuvius and a great location to discover the island of Capri

Arriving at Capri, your boat ride will leave you at Marina Grande. Half way up to the Capri town’s Piazzetta there is luxury villa Excelsior Parco. Their driver met us at the port and drove us a few minutes uphill to the villa, which otherwise is also reachable by foot. There’s only a few minute walk from Marina Grande to Excelsior Parco, while Piazzetta is a 15min walk away. Overall, Excelsior Parco offers free shuttle service to Marina Grande, Ristorante & Beach Club Da Gemma (where you can enjoy your reserved spot) or Capri town with their clean energy vehicle (they actually own the first completely electric car in Capri). There is actually only one road leading to towns of Capri and Anacapri, all of the other sites of the island need to be explored on foot. You will enjoy walks on Capri, at least I did! Excelsior Parco is therefore a little further away from the Capri town centre, but this is a reason that it also offers peace and serenity, so you can fully recharge your batteries. And the views are fantastic! If you have a chance, book a room with the amazing sea view and a private terrace where you can also enjoy delicious breakfast or relax in a private Jacuzzi. Food? Superb!

Organic delights to pamper you senses early in the morning (or during the day)

I could say your senses are always pampered in Italy! And they for sure are pampered at Excelsior Parco. From organic bath products in your bathroom to organic food and drinks made with the highest quality ingredients. You will start your day with delicious breakfast – croissants, tartes, a variety of different cheeses, charcuteerie, crepes, organic bread, eggs, milk, freshly squeezed juices, home-made jams and even Nutella, anything your heart (and tummy) desires! We had our breakfast once in their spacious lush garden and once on our private terrace in our room. We it comes to food, we also enjoyed Excelsior Parco’s chef à la carte dinner, caprese salad and risotto with shrimps were so delicious. Nothing beats true Italian cuisine and hospitality…

Excelsior Parco is a perfect choice for anyone discovering the island of Capri seeking serene luxury and heavenly pampering.

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Anteliz Suites
Markou Nomikou 89 Firostefani, Santorini 847 00, Greece

A Greek island, full of breath-taking views, white houses, hundreds of churches with blue rooftops and a clear sea, is famous for its astonishing sunsets. Santorini has been high on my bucket list for a while and this year I finally got a chance to visit it and see its timeless views for myself. I visited Santorini in combination with the island of Mykonos: 4 days and 3 nights on an island of volcanic origin, which many call a remainder of Atlantis. I will forever remember this trip, thanks to the Anteliz Suites hotel, which was a warm host to me.

Small boutique Anteliz Suites hotel is an ideal location for exploring Santorini island

Located directly near the main city of Fira and with a view on the Caldera of Santorini and the Aegean sea, the small Anteliz Suites boutique hotel is a perfect starting point for your Santorini hike. Hotel is nicely secluded from the vivacious Fira, located by the walking path, which connects the main city with the beautiful town of Imerovigli. It therefore offers a peaceful, relaxed and calm atmosphere in the evenings, perfect after a long day of exploring the island. It is a space where you can truly rest, absorb the beauty of magical sunsets, spoil your taste buds and pamper all of your senses. However, it is still close enough to the restaurants, local gyros places, shops and museums, with the Three Bells of Fira church just a few meters away. Why is Fira a better place to stay on Santorini rather than famous Oia? Simply because it’s not so known to the public eye, which makes it less crowded and the prices are less costly. By car, Oia is only about a half an hour away, (with the nearby airport 7 kilometres and harbour just shy of 10 kilometres in the distance).

Are you looking for a hotel on Santorini with an astonishing view and ideal location to enjoy the sunsets?

Anteliz Suites is without any exaggeration an ideal choice. The walking path, which leads from Fira to Imerovigli, is on the extreme point of the island, which steeply slopes downwards in the direction of the sea. The Anteliz Suites is therefore located right by this path, almost on the verge of cliff edges and offers a perfect spot for seeing the sun set. With only the sea and a neighbouring island in sight, behind which the sun disappears in style – you can enjoy a spectre of colours that shade into blue, orange, yellow, pink and red. I’ve seen quite a lot of beautiful sunsets all over the world and Santorini truly takes the crown. It’s on the top of my favourite locations to watch the sun say goodbye after a long day (all you need is a bit of luck with the weather because the mist at the beginning of the season can cause a bit of trouble).

Anteliz Suites is a synonym for luxury, sleek look and an ultimate pampering

The main characteristic of Anteliz Suits that impressed me was its spaciousness – we stayed at the 110m² large Master Suite, suitable for 2-4 adults. Rooms are incredibly spacious, airy, luxurious, created to enjoy and relax. The suite has two large bathrooms, one of them with two showers (decorated with a cerulean blue Venetian Stucco). The decoration is combination of modern and traditional Greek. The most impressive part of the suite is without a doubt the private balcony with a panoramic view, a perfect spot for you to enjoy an evening glass of a wine or a breakfast in the morning. You can also enjoy a lavish and tasty breakfast at the hotel terrace (where the pool and Jacuzzi are). Some of the rooms even have their own swimming pool overlooking the Caldera.

To all the newlyweds, lovers and those who seek a calm and luxurious location for a dream vacation on the island of Santorini: This is a perfect hotel for you!

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Good sun protection is worth more than gold. It offers me vital protection against damaging effects of UVA and UVB lights, decreasing my chances of getting a melanoma, hyper-pigmentation and sun-induced premature skin-aging. Throughout the whole year I use day creams with SPF for my face and during the warmer days, I layer on a proper SPF product when my skin is more exposed. However, as with everything in life, moderation is key. I try to do my best to protect my skin, I apply SPF multiple times a day, but I don’t obsessively hide in the shade and let the worrying take up too much of my time and energy. I consider myself a big consumer of products with SPF, however, my boyfriend (well, as from now on, fiancée) Jan takes the cake in this regard. Not only for being much taller than me, but because he also spends large amounts of time in the sun. Each year we test a handful of products with SPF, this year being no different. For the second year in a row, we swear by the products from sunny line of Sun Care Cosmetics Afrodita (we also took them on our trip to Thailand), so here I am sharing our favourites.

Everyday use: creams with SPF for face

Afrodita offers two creams that are my favourite facial sunscreens. They spread nicely and work great as a good base for applying makeup (even though I avoid tons of makeup during the summer, I still wear makeup for photoshoots or special events). The Afrodita Sun Care Sensitive SPF30 sunscreen is my favourite facial SPF sunscreen because of its moisturizing effect and the protection that it offers me. The second one, Afrodita Age Defence SPF 25, is also great. It has a lighter texture than the first one and it is more suitable for sports and people with oily skin. I recommend both and Jan agrees!

Do you know how much SPF to apply for enough protection? A LOT.

In order for protection to be suitable to the factor written on the packaging, you have to apply 2 milligrams of cream on each square centimetre of skin (cca. 30 ml per person). That’s quite a lot. Be careful to apply it evenly on the skin and all over the body areas you want to protect.

How to find your SPF body cream “match”?

Mainly by trying. And by reading a beauty blog post that is informative. I don’t even pay attention to sunscreens with a low SPF. It must have a factor of at least 20 or, better yet, 30 or 50. I don’t like thick formulations that are difficult to apply on the body and I also tend to avoid those with classical packaging in a spray bottle. Afrodita has a bonus point here, with a compact and practical packaging. The Afrodita Sun Care SPF20 body milk is water resistant, so Jan uses it for outdoor activities. SPF30 is my most used version, always with me in my bag! Both children editions also have SPF30 and I warmly recommend them, also for adults since they’re both water resistant. For all the travel bugs reading this, you’ll appreciate the Afrodita Sun Care Kids cream SPF30, since it’s one of the rare creams with a SPF which you can take with you in the hand luggage on the plane (it contains exactly 100ml of the product). With its thicker texture it’s still easy to apply. The second product for child skin-protection is Afrodita Sun Care Kids body milk SPF30, which is lighter and quicker to absorb. The smell of all Afrodita sun protection products is gentle with a touch of coconut, one of my favourite smells.

I still got burned … what to do?

Ok, despite trying not to, you got sunburned. I understand. Our grandmothers would put yogurt on the burned area and today the process is quite similar – the only difference is, that we use a special yoghurt, produced in the laboratory of Afrodita Cosmetics. Afrodita Sun Care Body Yogurt is in my opinion, one of the best Afrodita products. It contains coconut water, shea butter and dog rose oil, which moisturizes the skin and nourishes it. I use it as a nourishing body product. Texture, smell, effect – heavenly! Afrodita also has an additional product, Afrodita After Sun, which has a cooling effect and contains aloe vera and provitamin B5. This one was Jan’s, so he doesn’t steel my Yogurt haha.

My opinion: famous “marmelada” in three editions

Infamous Jam (marmelada) was an instant hit in Slovenia when it came on the market. It instantly sold out and presented an important milestone for Afrodita. Of course, I was as eager to try it out like everybody else, so I tested the marmelada, which promises an intense tanning effect. It has a really rich texture, so I also use it on the dried areas on my legs. I warn you not use this product prior to going to sleep, because it will leave brown stains all over the sheets. For afternoon outings I used a bit of dry oil Afrodita Sun Care Bronze Jam. However, my Jam fever really started this year, with Afrodita launching a new, tropical jam. Afrodita Sun Care Tropical Jam contains SPF10 and a wonderful mixture of 100% organic coconut oil from the Philippines, shea and cocoa butter and carrot extract. The texture is very similar to the classical jam, only chunkier and easier to apply. In smells incredible and my skin wholeheartedly approves. However, I would like to point out that you must be really cautious with products that are promising fast tan. Definitely combine them with sunscreens with SPF and do not exaggerate with sunbathing. Tanned skin is not constant, but our skin is.

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I said YES!

Almost a week ago, my best friend, my true love took my hand and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him – as husband and wife of course! I do believe we were already set to spend our life together for the eternity before tying a knot, since we are both on the same page that with marriage, just our titles will change (from boyfriend and girlfriend) to husband and wife. Nevertheless, marriage and wedding is still a true celebration of pure, joy, happiness and love.

I really wanted to share the special news with you, but on the other hand we also wanted to enjoy our time together. Just us. I mean, we told the news to our closest, but that was it. As you might have noticed I was a bit offline in the past couple of days, and now you know the reason. We are ENGAGED! To share the news with you and also have photos to commemorate this moment, our dear friend Luka Gorjup, who happens to be an amazing photographer, made these photos that also mark a new chapter on my blog.

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In katero izbrati? Jaz ti priporočam Vzajemnino zavarovanje za tujino.

Za seboj imam kar nekaj prepotovanih dežel, krajših in čezoceanskih letov, neskončno nepozabnih spominov, nekaj terabajtov v obliki (objavljenih in neobjavljenih) fotografij in videov, polno srce sreče, in verjeli ali ne, niti ene potrebovane medicinske pomoči v tujini. Lahko bi temu rekli sreča, naključje, previdnost oziroma skrbnost, a sama verjamem, da gre za nekakšno mešanico, zaradi katere lahko samo »trkam po lesu«. Pa vendar, kljub dobri statistiki, se niti enkrat samkrat nisem iz Slovenije v tujino odpravila brez zavarovanja. Zakaj? Ker se zavedam, da so zdravstvene storitve v tujini lahko enormno drage in ker verjamem tudi malo v Murphyjeve zakone. Če gre za lahko kaj narobe, bo narobe tudi šlo. In to takrat, ko boš najmanj pripravljen. V tokratni blog objavi torej o tem, zakaj, kdaj in kakšno zavarovanje za tujino potrebuješ.

Zavarovanje za tujino je namenjeno vsem, ki se odpravljate v tujino – zaradi takšnega ali drugačnega razloga, za krajši ali daljši čas. Sklenitev je enostavna (možna je tudi online), je pa pred tem, potrebno vedeti nekaj stvari. Morda ti pri tem lahko pomaga tudi moja objava.

Ali ni dovolj evropska kartica?

Evropska kartica zdravstvenega zavarovanja je lahko dovolj, če potuješ znotraj držav članic Evropske unije in Evropskega gospodarskega prostora ter Švici, v Avstraliji, Bosni in Hercegovini, Črni gori, Makedoniji in Srbiji. Zakaj samo lahko? Ker ne krije vsega in zagotavlja nujno zdravniško pomoč pri zdravnikih ali zdravstvenih ustanovah, ki se del javne zdravstvene mreže in le do višine, ki jih v tisti državi krije obvezno zdravstveno zavarovanje. Kartica je brezplačna in jo lahko naročiš kar preko spleta, velja za največ eno leto in je vezana na veljavnost tvojega obveznega zdravstvenega zavarovanja. Več o tem, kaj pokriva (opozarjam te, da ne vsega), si lahko prebereš na uradni spletni strani ZZZS, kjer jo lahko tudi naročiš. Absolutno svetujem, da jo naročiš in jo imaš s seboj v denarnici vedno.

Zakaj bi potem sklenil še zavarovanje za tujino?

Odgovor je preprost: ker krije več, kot Evropska kartica in ti lahko precej olajša življenje, če pride do nezgode. Zavarovanje za tujino NUJNO skleni, če potuješ izven držav članic Evropske Unije in Evropskega gospodarskega prostora Švice, Avstralije, Bosne in Hercegovine, Črne gore, Makedonije in Srbije. PRIPOROČLJIVO pa tudi v primerih, če potuješ v omenjene države. Obstajajo namreč primeri, ki jih Evropska kartice ne pokriva, kot so na primer »stroški prevoza zaradi poškodbe na smučišču v večini tujih držav, stroški prevoza zavarovane osebe iz tujine v domovino…«. Poleg tega krije le nujno primere v javni zdravstveni mreži, vemo pa, da so na turističnih destinacijah pogosto na voljo le zasebni izvajalci zdravstvenih storitev. Evropska kartica tudi ne nudi asistence, kar pomeni, da si, milo rečeno, prepuščen samemu sebi, ko potrebuješ medicinsko pomoč, pri iskanju zdravnika ali ustrezne ustanove. Prav tu pa (poleg kritja stroškov prevoza iz tujine domov) pride prav zavarovanje za tujino. Pomaga ti kadarkoli in kjerkoli v slovenskem jeziku najti pomoč in informacije, omogoči pa ne le nujnih zdravstvenih in zobozdravstvenih storitev, zdravljenja akutnega poslabšanja kronični bolezni, prevoza domov, ampak tudi odvetniške storitve.

Kaj moraš upoštevati preden se odločiš za zavarovanje za tujino?

  • območje, na katerega potuješ
  • kakšno višino kritja želiš
  • koliko oseb potuje
  • kako pogosto potuješ
  • namen tvojega potovanja

Katero in kakšno zavarovanje za tujino izbrati?

Danes je ponudnikov ogromno, tako da tu svetujem, da vklopiš zdrav razum, prebereš drobni tisk, preveriš pogoje in malo zaupaš tudi občutku. Trenutno sem sama ravno v procesu novega sklepanja in moja izbira bo celoletno Vzajemnino zavarovanje za tujino Multitrip (svet). Kakšno je prava odločitev zate, je odvisno od več faktorjev. Današnji pregled sem pripravila glede na ponudbo Vzajemne.

Ali je to posamično, skupinsko ali družinsko, je seveda odvisno od dinamike tvojih potovanj, s kom torej potuješ najpogosteje (velja pa načeloma tako, da več kot je ljudi zavarovanih skupaj, cenejše zavarovanje je). Sama imam sklenjenega posamičnega, saj pogosto potujem sama, hkrati pa moj partner potuje manj kot jaz.
Zavarovanje izbereš tudi glede na območje, na katerega potuješ – Vzajemna ima pakete za Evropo (in posebej za družinsko Hrvaško) in Svet.

Še preden odkljukaš eno od opcij, se vprašaj, če se ti bolj splača, vzeti zavarovanje za tujino za omejen čas ali kar celoletno. Sama vem, da je zame Vzajemnin Multitrip prava izbira. Tu imaš prav tako več opcij – Evropa ali Svet, ter različna je lahko tudi velikost paketa. Večina ljudi, ki jih poznam, sklepa zavarovanje za posamezno potovanje, tisti, ki potujejo več, se odločajo za celoletno zavarovanje, torej večkratno potovanje znotraj enega leta. Računica je nekako takšna: če ne leto preživiš 30 ali več dni v tujini, se ti splača vzeti Multitrip. Imej pa v mislih, da Multitrip ni zavarovanje, ki bi bilo primerno zate, če si v tujini več kot 90 neprekinjenih dni od dneva posameznega odhoda v tujino. Upam, da sem kar toliko razumljivo razložila.

Pri izbiri zavarovanja je pomembno vzeti v zakup tudi kakšen je tvoj namen potovanja – gre za počitnice ali službeno pot?

Zadnja točka, izjemno pomembna, ki pa jo v želji, da bi prihranili kakšen evro pri sklepanju zavarovanja, velikokrat zanemarimo, pa je višina kritja zavarovanja. Če pogledaš na primer Vzajemnino zavarovanje SVET, lahko vidiš, da obstajajo 4 paketi, ki se razlikujejo glede na zavarovalno vsoto – ta je lahko S – 45.000€, M – 75.000€, L – 200.000€ ali XXL-MILIJON – 1.000.000€. Višja kot je zavarovalna vsota, več moraš za zavarovanje plačati (isto časovno obdobje). Za katero se odločiš, je odvisno predvsem od aktivnosti, ki jih misliš početi v tujini, malo pa tudi od lokacije, na katero se odpravljaš. Za države, kjer so zdravstvene storitve drage, se svetuje višje kritje (takšne so na primer ZDA). Če si za bolj ekstremne športe na odročnih krajih, prav tako. Je pa pravilo nekako tako, da ne velja reskirati. Raje danes plačam par evrov več in tako bolj mirno spim.

Za sklepanje zavarovanje za tujino ni univerzalnega recepta. Razmisliti moraš, o tem, kam potuješ, kaj boš tam počel in nekoliko predvideti situacijo. Sama sicer zagovarjam načelo, da »ne kliči nezgode s planiranjem vseh potencialnih scenarijev«, a hkrati trdno verjamem v rek »better safe than sorry«, raje bodi torej previden, kot da ti bo potem žal. Tako pri sklepanju zavarovanja za tujino kot samega potovanja. Zavarovanje za tujino ne pozabi skleniti pred tvojim odhodom v tujino. Tudi če ga skleneš več dni prej, lahko izbereš datum, s katerim zavarovanje začne teči. Držim pesti, da ga (ne jaz in ne ti) ne bova potrebovala, sicer pa upam, da se vse izteče, kar se da enostavno in dobro zate. Z dobrim zavarovanjem za tujino seveda!

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