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Even though bridesmaids seeme to be an (unnecessary) American wedding tradition, I realized over time that I actually want them to be a part of my wedding day. Not so, to give them the usual duties that bridesmaids carry out – to be my support on my wedding day, to help me throw the bachelorette party, to walk me down the aisle in matching bridesmaids’ dresses or to help me with the whole wedding organization before and during the wedding (I have an amazing wedding planner to help me, so there’s no need for that), – but mainly to incorporate my closest friends into my ceremony. For me it’s is all about making my closest ladies part of my special day. I decided to have my bridesmaids, because I know it’s always more fun doing things in a good company. And because their presence means a lot to me, and I was sure the role of bridesmaids will be equally special and rewarding to them.

I chose five outstanding ladies, whom I am happy and very proud to call my friends. Each of them means a lot to me. Who they are and how I surprised them with bridesmaids gifts, you can see below.

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poročni prstani

How we chose the most important piece of jewelry in our life.

Choosing a wedding ring is a serious but wonderful task. Although it is just a piece of jewelry, it is at the same time (at least the usual) fashion accessory, which is worn the longest by a husband and wife – or, ultimately, two women or two men.

With the choice of the engagement ring, Jan really hit the jackpot – I really don’t know if I could choose a better one. It currently is the most important and definitely the most expensive piece of jewelry in my life, but will soon be joined by another ring that will become its matching pair in some sort of a logical sequence. In fact, both Jan and I already chose the wedding ring. We just picked them up at Zlatarna Sterle and we couldn’t be more satisfied. There are still a few months left to our wedding, but I’m happy to be ticking another one of the important choices off of my list.

Before saying “yes” to your wedding rings, read the tips below.

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poročna vabila diy

Wedding invitations are (after the announcement of a marriage in one way or another) in fact the first slightly more formal contact with your wedding guests. The first step can be the “save the date” cards. In Slovenia, this is not very common, very often the future groom and bride orally inform the wedding guests about the date of the wedding before they send out the invitations.

Wedding invitations are an important part of wedding planning, because they can serve as the first hint of the style of your wedding, and at the same time inform your guests of all the most important things related to the wedding. Although I was convinced that the wedding invitations are going to be one of the simplest things of the wedding planning, I was considering of leaving this part to the experts. But in the end, especially with regard to the financial input, I went through the entire process of the visual design, the purchase of materials, etc. – with the help of my wedding organizer Blažka (Infinity events), my friend Žiga Adamčič (who helped me with graphic design) and my dear cousin (who helped me find the an affordable printer). I am aware of the fact that our invitations could have been made in a much simpler way, but I like to create and hand out perfect end-products. It’s just the way I am.

You can read some of the tips that might come in handy when creating your wedding invitations below.

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