Ljubljana’s largest park, Tivoli is especially beautiful this time of the year. Stretching right into the city centre, park’s botanical garden area right next to the pond is full of roses. There are hundereds of them. Thousands! I try to capture its beauty each year, and this time I managed to get it on film (well, on a digital camera, but you get what I mean) during its full glory. After a stroll in the city centre, catch up coffee with a dear friend of mine I ended up here. I managed to walk quite a few miles and all in my newest Ecco sandals. They are super soft, comfortable and chic. And if I am correct, they are currently on sale!

Ecco sandals
Opullence Paris dress
bag bought in a small boutique in Barcelona (sorry, I don’t remember the name)
Asos hat

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The official summer days are just around the corner. On June 21st the season of short and long sea escapes will open. This especially counts for Slovenia – as I always say, especially when I chat with foreigners, we live in the best country ever for taking weekend trips. A good hour away we have the seaside, Croatian and Italian coast (and some charming towns) are just a few kilometers further, we have lakes, mountains and amazing countryside. There’s something for each and every traveler – for those who love to swim until the sunset and those who prefer endless hikes with breathtaking views, for those who only have 2 or 3 days to spend and those who prefer 7+ day full on vacation mode.

For those who are taking off on a short trip by plane and taking only your cabin baggage with you, I have recently prepared a guide with some tips and tricks on how to travel with hand luggage only. In this blog post I will virtually pack a small suitcase for a short trip to the seaside. Again, my fellow travel companion in a white lightweight American Tourister Soundbox Spinner on 4 wheels, which can be easily carried or dragged along the paved streets of charming Mediterranean towns. It is a great investment not only as a smaller suitcase for shorter trips to nearby locations, but also as hand luggage (since it meets the criteria for most of the airlines, and it can also be expanded by unzipping a special zipper).

So, how do I pack a suitcase for a shorter seaside trip and what are my recommendations? This holiday packing list can help you while packing for your next sea escape. Here’s my holiday packing list for a short trip to the seaside.


  • nightslip or pajamas
  • 3x underpants
  • 1-2x bra (depending on the clothes you will pack)
  • 2x summer dress (simple one you can wear to the beach and one for an evening walk in the town or dinner)
  • 1-2x swimwear
  • 1x pants (depending on the temperature – short or long)
  • 2x T-shirt (one simple T-shirt and one blouse)
  • 1x jeans jacket or lighter upperwear (when it’s breezier in the evenings)
  • 1x hat (I suggest a classic straw hat)
  • 1x sunglasses
  • optional: sports set (if you are going to be active)
    *one of the outfits can be your travel outfits to save some space


  • 1x sandals
  • 1x slippers (for beach / swimming pool)
  • optional: sneakers + socks (if you are going to be active)


  • facial cream with SPF (mandatory!)
  • SPF lotion (mandatory!)
  • night care cream (take one or two testers with you, if you have any)
  • optional: makeup (BB cream, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, waterproof mascara, small eyeshadow palette + make-up brushes)
  • mini micellar water or two-phase makeup remover
  • mini facial wash gel
  • hairbrush and hair elastic
  • cotton sticks
  • small emergency medical kit (painkillers of some sort, motion-sickness tablets – especially if you are going sailing, sewing kit, plasters)
  • optional: contact lenses (+ solution)
    *pack shower gel, shampoo and conditioner only if you won’t get any in the hotel


  • beach towel
  • optional: bath towel (if not available at the hotel/apartment)
  • phone charger
  • optional: book, magazine, cards, floaty, camera (+charger)

Opullence dress
RayBan sunglasses
Cluse watch

American Tourister Soundbox Spinner

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Primavera Sound Barcelona 2018

Primavera Sound music festival is probably one of the most hip festivals in Europe, this year impressing with a large crowd of over 200,000 music enthusiasts with not only cool line-ups, but also with local art and culinary experiences. Test drives in the newest SEAT #ARONAbeats and #IBIZAbeats, exploring Barcelona while driving on the streets (carpool karaoke with Beats Audio system was one to remember), beauty sessions (with lots of glitter), dancing all night while seeing amazing artists perform – unforgettable! But overall, something, time and time again, has proved to be even more important and rewarding to me than any other aspect of travel. It’s the people you meet along the way.

So, which were the highlights of this year’s Primavera Sounds festival with Seat for me?

Beats World Premiere

After checking in at the AC Hotel by Marriot Barcelona Forum and freshing up, we went to the Beats World Premiere, an event located in Barcelona harbor. The official reveal of the newest special edition SEAT Arona and Ibiza with Beatsaudio sound system was accompanied by great music and delicious tapas. Of course we got to individually try out the Beats system in the cars and let me tell you, this is one hell of a sound system! Denis (IG: @deniscebulec) and I obviously wanted to get the full experience, Denis as our DJ chose the songs and I was in charge of the volume button (and after setting it to the maximum, it was so loud we didn’t hear each other even when the music stopped; we wanted to capture our carpool karaoke in a non-moving car on Instastory, but somehow our phones made sure you didn’t go deaf as well and toned down the music). It was mental, let me tell you.

Chef “Lalo” Garcia’s gourmet experience at Café Del Mar

For me, when traveling and exploring different countries and cultures, food plays a great deal. Good food. And we definitely had some amazing gourmet pampering in our 4 days in Barcelona with SEAT. 6-course menu in Café Del Mar by Che’s “Lalo” Garcia was so delicious.

Sound experience at Hioshima Theatre

Since SEAT takes the sounds very seriously, we also had some sound-connected activities – from the WeSound talk (by the two guys from the agency that focuses on auditory brand development; one of the guys was rocking beatboxing, if you remember it from my Instastories) and soundtrack workshop at Sala Apolo.

Test drives around the streets of Barcelona (with carpool karaoke of course)

Sonja (SEAT Slovenia representative), Denis and I also went to a very unique test drive with #ARONAbeats around the streets of Barcelona. They actually organized the whole test drive experience in a way, so we could discover hidden parts of Barcelona full of street art. Of course we had to test out the new Beatsaudio soundsystem. I was the driver, while Denis took the role of a DJ and a head singer.

Detox and massages

After 2 nights of Primavera Sound festival and all the fun and interesting activities we had the chance to fully recharge our batteries at the detox session with a relaxing massage. While reading this you are probably thinking “working hard, right…”, but let me tell you – the whole trip was really intense, but so much worth it! And not only just because of the small treats like massages…

Beauty session with lots of glitter

Music festival without braids and glitter? NOT AN OPTION! So, SEAT organized special beauty sessions, where makeup artists and hair stylists transformed us into real festival queens (and kings). My smaller braid on a side with glitter roots was done by Francis Molina.

Line-up of Primavera Sound music festival

There’s no music festival without proper music, right? The line-up of Primavera Sound Barcelona 2018 was great – from Bjork at SEAT stage on Thursday, to Arctic Monkeys, Lykke Li, A$AP Rocky and Lorde at SEAT stage on our last night. Overall, there were 2 main stages (SEAT was one of them) and over 10 smaller ones, so everyone could find a place to fit their taste.

Food trucks at Primavera Sound festival

And here we are, food again. It starts and ends with food with me. The whole Primavera Sound venue was full of food trucks offering different cuisine from all around the world. Everyone could find something delicious to keep him/her going thought the night dancing and singing. Mexican, Spanish, Italian, various healthy options to crepes and even Asian.

It has power to make us smile,
and bring us to all types of tears.
It can carry us back in time
and inspire us to dance in the moment.
For our happiest days,
there is music.

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Mykonos streets

Chora, also known as Mykonos Town, is probably one of my favourite towns in the whole world (especially in the early morning hours, when it’s not already packed with tourists). The maze of cobbled-paved streets offers something for everyone – from shopping (there you can find everything from luxury brands to boutiques and souvenir shops), food spots (if you like gyros, delicious ice-cream or fancy gourmet meals, your taste buds will be pampered either way), cafes, parties (especially Little Venice part in night-time becomes a real deal) to amazing locations to take photos. In this magical labyrinth, you will find countless photogenic spots – white buildings with mostly blue shutters and doors (green and brown-red is allowed as well), adorned with bougainvilleas, iconic windmills, churches… you can walk there for hours and you will still find some photoinspiration, believe me. Even though the Chora is not very large, it is easy to get lost. And it is a place where you really want to get lost as a tourist. The street layout was intended to confuse pirates, now it is an inspiration to many travellers. I cannot even tell you how many photos I took – too many for sure!

outfit: Tom Tailor

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