The word “athleisure” was added to the English dictionary two years ago and it means combining sporty, athletic wear with fashionable elements. Pieces that resembles sports clothing, but have a trendy and fashionable look (which make them perfect for the streets, work or school), were brought to the store shelves (and Slovenain streets) by Tom Tailor in a new white-blue color palette capsule collection. A cool ribbed dress with lines is my top choice, and this time I combined it with a retro-looking sweater. I put on sneakers on my feet and trendy sunglasses on my nose, blew some bubbles with bubblegum. Which wasn’t easy, let me tell you. Obviously, I am out of practicve, given I was having my last pink bubblegum more than 15 years ago. But is was so fun!

outfit: Tom Tailor

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Caruso Place – Boutique & Wellness Suites
Palazzo Berio, Via Toledo, 256, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

As the biggest city of southern Italy and the capital city of Campania, Naples is said to be one of the most chaotic cities in the world. The birthplace of pizza, a city of culture and light, including a secretive underground, is a great starting point for the exploration of the city centre, Naples bay and the (to this day active) volcano of Mount Vesuvius. Only half an hour drive away is the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, rich in archaeological sites, a city that has been covered in volcanic ash since the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. The Amalfi Coast and its famous Capri Island are located nearby, inviting you to experience Italy’s natural treasures. A nearby airport, an excellent public transport services (buses and trains) and numerous options for taking day trips (by boats or ferries) from Naples, will also convince you to visit it.

Hotel in the centre of vivacious Naples: Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites

If Naples is a starting point of your exploration of Southern Italy, I advise you to book the hotel right in the heart of the city centre. Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites is an ideal choice, only one step away from the lively street (or a balcony) where you immediately feel the city’s throb. The hotel is located on the renowned Via Toledo Street, one of the main Naples shopping streets, directly opposite the impressive shopping gallery Galleria Umberto I. The Royal Palace of Naples, the Teatro San Carlo and the castles Castel Nuovo and (a step further) Castel dell’Ovo are your neighbours during the stay. Naples port also offers many choices for taking day trips, with my personal favourites being the small islands of Ischia and Procida (read more about it in my blog post Day trip to Procida). The charming Capri Island is a great option too and Amalfi Coast, accessible by sea or land.

‘O sole mio, ‘o sole mioooooo…

Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites great location is not its only strong suit, as the boutique hotel with ten rooms (7 suites) is located inside the historic XVI Century Berio Palace, a work by the famous engineer and architect Luigi Vanvitelli. The owners of the newly opened hotel were kind enough to guide me through the history of the building and introduced me to the hotel’s attentively picked interior décor. Each room carries its significant story, being rich in minor details, filled with family history and accompanied by the music, one that follows you everywhere; at the lounge area where you can enjoy a breakfast and Naples pastries, on the hallways or in the rooms. Lyrics of the famous Italian song ‘O sole mio walk you down to your room, where you can take a deserved rest from the wandering and excitement of the city. Rooms and Suites are incredibly spacious, equipped with a wellness bathroom (our room even had a Jacuzzi and all the bathrooms have chomotheraputic lights), some even come with a fireplace. Owners of the Caruso Place hotel have been a regular feature in the tourist department and are therefore well aware of their costumer’s needs and wishes during their travels. At the reception, the staff is of course more than happy to help you with any question regarding your further travels throughout this part of Italy.

Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites is located at the very centre of Naples, which combines classical and modern, and therefore presents an ideal choice for those who wish to explore the southern part of Italy.

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Luxury villa Excelsior Parco
Via Marina Grande, 179, 800076 Capri NA, Italy

While exploring the island of Capri, Italy, we stayed at Excelsior Parco, a historic residence, which is way more than simply a hotel or a classic villa. This Italian Art Nouveau villa was built in 1906 and today there are still visible sites of an Ancient Roman villa, that stood there before the renovation. Today Excelsior Parco is a luxurious hotel with 11 rooms overlooking a lovely garden or the amazing sea. Even though Capri offers lots of amazing luxurious accommodations, reasons why booking a stay at Excelsior Parco are plenty.

Outstanding views of the sea and Mount Vesuvius and a great location to discover the island of Capri

Arriving at Capri, your boat ride will leave you at Marina Grande. Half way up to the Capri town’s Piazzetta there is luxury villa Excelsior Parco. Their driver met us at the port and drove us a few minutes uphill to the villa, which otherwise is also reachable by foot. There’s only a few minute walk from Marina Grande to Excelsior Parco, while Piazzetta is a 15min walk away. Overall, Excelsior Parco offers free shuttle service to Marina Grande, Ristorante & Beach Club Da Gemma (where you can enjoy your reserved spot) or Capri town with their clean energy vehicle (they actually own the first completely electric car in Capri). There is actually only one road leading to towns of Capri and Anacapri, all of the other sites of the island need to be explored on foot. You will enjoy walks on Capri, at least I did! Excelsior Parco is therefore a little further away from the Capri town centre, but this is a reason that it also offers peace and serenity, so you can fully recharge your batteries. And the views are fantastic! If you have a chance, book a room with the amazing sea view and a private terrace where you can also enjoy delicious breakfast or relax in a private Jacuzzi. Food? Superb!

Organic delights to pamper you senses early in the morning (or during the day)

I could say your senses are always pampered in Italy! And they for sure are pampered at Excelsior Parco. From organic bath products in your bathroom to organic food and drinks made with the highest quality ingredients. You will start your day with delicious breakfast – croissants, tartes, a variety of different cheeses, charcuteerie, crepes, organic bread, eggs, milk, freshly squeezed juices, home-made jams and even Nutella, anything your heart (and tummy) desires! We had our breakfast once in their spacious lush garden and once on our private terrace in our room. We it comes to food, we also enjoyed Excelsior Parco’s chef à la carte dinner, caprese salad and risotto with shrimps were so delicious. Nothing beats true Italian cuisine and hospitality…

Excelsior Parco is a perfect choice for anyone discovering the island of Capri seeking serene luxury and heavenly pampering.

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