wedding DJ or band?

DJ or a band for your wedding party? Certainly one of the most classic wedding dillemas with no universal answer to it. For a fact there are both advantages and disadvantages to one and another option. In the end, it’s all about the bride’s and the groom’s preferences. The decision should be yours – and yours only, and it shouldn’t be influenced by what your friends or family members desire. Furthermore, don’t get mislead by your married friends who’ll always be convinced that their decision was the best. Honestly, I am not surprised that many brides fall in love with every single detail of their wedding and surely this (in most cases) is one of the most perfect days of their lives. But the wedding is yours (and it’s very likely it will be your first and last wedding) so even though you want to please your guests, the most important thing is that the two of you are enjoying your special day. There are pros and cons to both options and the decision is yours!

Music at the wedding – to bear in mind:

ATMOSPHERE: The music you choose for your wedding will have a significant impact on the atmosphere of your wedding, and surely your guests will remember your wedding by the music played there, too. Think about the genres that you like, reflecting your personality and the kind of atmosphere that you want to create. Do you want a romantic touch of the 60s? Wild mainstream or retro #TBT dance music? Will you focus on home music or foreign artists? The combination of the two?

SONGS: One of the most common tips for choosing the wedding music is to start creating a music list as soon as possible. This way, you’ll know what kind of song repertoire you desire and will have it easier finding an artist. It is certainly worth bearing in mind that a good choice is a combination of more peaceful songs with the more energetic dance songs that will encourage your wedding guests to rock the dancefloor.

COSTS: Usually you’re limited on your wedding budget and a part of it has to be dedicated to a band or a DJ. The prices here can vary greatly, but on average, the DJ will cost you less than a band (especially if it’s a well-established band with more band members). The price also depends on the number of hours performed by the artists and whether your wedding date falls into a “high season” or not.

SPACE RESTRICTIONS: It’s wise to figure out whether the venue can welcome a band or a DJ before booking it – to avoid surprises later on. There are some important questions that need to be answered in advance, for example: What are the electricity restrictions? Are there enough plugs nearby? How many band members can perform at the same time without any particular difficulties? What are the time restrictions for loud music, etc.?

Pros and cons of a band or a DJ

They say that a good band can create a wonderful atmosphere, but the same goes for a good DJ. In regards to the price, a DJ is almost always a cheaper option – the prices in Slovenia for a band are often over 1000 euros, usually ranging from 1200 to 4000 euros and for a DJ somewhere between 500 and 1000 euros (for the same period of time). Bear in mind, that the bride and the groom usually take over the food and drinks expenses for the performers as well (same applies to other staff present at the wedding, such as a photographer, cameraman, wedding planner, etc.), meaning that a six members band means six additional dinner menus, while a DJ is usually one. The biggest plus of having a DJ is the fact that his repertoire is much wider than the repertoire of the band. I suggest you talk to your band in advance and discuss the list of songs you’ve had in mind (same applies to DJs as they also have some limitations). However, you must be aware that the performance of the band will always be different from the original version of the song. Once again, the DJ gets a plus point here – because he can switch from Ed Sheeran to Adele (who in my opinion has to be played in original version) in a matter of seconds. Before signing the contract check whether the selected DJ or band offers any entertainment materials – for example, if you can use their microphones for the speeches or if they use any other equipment such as lights or any special effects. Also check how often the performer usually takes a break and what can you do in this case in order not to kill the party.

Why did we decide for a DJ in the end?

Although the DJ or band dilemma is one of the most difficult ones, Jan and I decided quickly that we would prefer to have a DJ. Jan absolutely hates poor music performances of foreign authors and we both quickly hear the missed tones, which is very silly considering the fact that we’re both tone-deaf. What we wanted were the original song version and a wide variety of songs. Our guests come from all over Slovenia, there are many young guests but of course there are also the older family members, there are some that listen to the classical philharmonic orchestra music, some that get entertained with songs from Modrijani (Slovenian folk band) and others who enjoy dancing to the beats of ex yugo music (or Severina for that matter). Therefore, we were looking for a solution that fulfills our wishes and opens the dancefloor with timeless foreign songs, slowly creating an atmosphere with both foreign and Slovenian songs, according to our taste (take our guests’ taste into consideration, of course). Therefore, I found a perfect match to our needs with my friend’s recommendation for B&B DJ team composed of two DJs, which also provide the sound system and the lighting of the space. When we first met, I delighted in their energy (which is really important to me), because I consider a performer also someone who’s in charge of the overall atmosphere and should make an unforgettable party. The B&B DJ team can join any location in Slovenia, bringing their equipment (everything from speakers, microphones, lights and devices to create an artificial fog). The advantage is also receiving two DJs, which means that there are no breaks and the party never stops.

The decision is yours, think thorougly about the pros and the cons and ultimately choose the option you feel most comfortable with. A good choice can also be a combination of both – a band in the beginning of the night and then the DJ takes it over. We’re still considering the idea of hiring a band to play a few songs during the ceremony and that is going to play a song for us while I’m walking down the aisle towards Jan. If we find a performer who’ll meet our needs, we’ll decide for that option and if not – we’ll trust our music atmosphere to the B&B DJ team.

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day trip around Slovenia

Last Sunday, Jan and I took advantage of a beautiful sunny day and headed for a trip to the North-Western part of Slovenia. You could follow my trip on @huaweimobilesi Instagram profile, but in case you missed my Instagram takeover, I’m sharing with you an idea for a day trip to Slovenia in this blog post.

Day trip around Slovenia: beautiful Zelenci, fenced Jasna lake and the Peričnik waterfall (with photo tips)

Distance from the capital: about 100km from Ljubljana (app. an hour drive) in the North-West direction

When to visit? Locations are suitable for day trips in all seasons, but the experience may vary considerably depending on the part of the year you’re visiting. In the summer, a day trip to this part of Slovenia is a perfect choice for those who want to escape the heat of the city. Spring and autumn are always a good choice – this region of Slovenia is particularly beautiful in winter, especially if the temperatures are low enough for the water to freeze. It is also extremely nice those places in snow, but you need suitable footwear and clothing. Jan and I went on a trip in the middle of January, unfortunately there was not a lot of snow, but we could still admire the frozen natural artwork.

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Vstopili smo v najbolj pravljični mesec v letu. V mesec, ki velja za čas veselja, praznovanj, druženj, obdarovanja in seveda tudi čas zapravljanja. Hočete ali nočete, decembra (ali celo že prej, trgovci nas na praznično vzdušje pripravljajo že vse od novembra) denarci letijo, za to in ono malenkost. Za velika darila, majhne pozornosti, dobro hrano in pijačo, takšna ali drugačna doživetja. Zagotovo drži, da vsi nimajo te sreče, da bi lahko hladilnik in praznično mizo bogato obložili ter pod smrečico zavili darila, ki izpolnjujejo želje njihovih najdražjih, zato je prav, da se v tem času spomnimo tudi nanje. Morda s evrom ali dvema, morda kot »božiček za en dan«. Načinov je kar nekaj, prepričana sem, da bo vsak našel kakšnega, ki mu bo pisan na kožo in bo drugemu otoplil srce, če že ne more doma.

December je čas, ko trošimo, zapravljamo, ko je denarnica (kljub božičnici) malo bolj prazna.

Denarci praktično letijo, občasno (priznam, tudi sama sem tega kriva) skoraj nenadzorovano. Je mesec, ko sama, brez dvoma, zapravim največ (ali celo preveč). Delno zato, ker si to lahko privoščim, delno zato, ker me mesec obdarovanj in vsa praznična mrzlica resnično »potegneta«. Darila smo si ljudje izmenjevali ob tem času že od nekdaj, danes ni nič drugače – razlika je le ta, da je kvantiteta danes bistveno višja. Zakaj, bodo znali odgovoriti strokovnjaki, zagotovo pa ima to opraviti s samo dostopnostjo različnih stvari. Danes je naročiti knjigo iz Anglije vprašanje nekaj minut, do nas pride tako hitro, da se vprašaš, kaj dela slovenska pošta s paketom, ki potuje iz 100km oddaljenega Maribora v Ljubljano. Splet nam je omogočil dostop ne le do informacij, temveč tudi do izdelkov, o katerih so lahko naši starši še nekaj desetletij nazaj lahko samo sanjali. Malo sem z zapisom zabredla, a vseeno…

Če sem včasih iskala in kupovala darila, »samo da nekaj podarim«, danes iščem stvari, ki so uporabne, ki si jih obdarjenec resnično želi ali potrebuje, darila, ki imajo osebno noto, če je le to mogoče.

Tako je Jan dobil svoje božično darilo že v Mehiki – dvoje nove kopalke, saj je že tri leta hodil po toplih krajih na dopustu v istih (kazale so že znake resne in redne uporabe). Njegovo darilo zagotovo zato ne bo presenečenje, ker je bil zraven, ko sem »povlekla« mBillsov debetni Mastercard v trgovini, se pa potrudim, da mu »za božička« pripravim še kakšno malenkost. Mnogo raje kot za materialne stvari zapravljam za doživetja, morda kakšno letalsko karto ali vikend samo za naju. Podobnemu vodilu bom sledila tudi letos pri obdarovanju družine in prijateljev, predvsem pa jim poskusila nameniti svoj čas in pozornost. Tistim, ki si le-to resnično zaslužijo.

Če se tudi vi poigravate z idejo, da bi kot praznično darilo nekomu podarili letalsko karto, boste verjetno za nakup potrebovali kartico, ki omogoča spletna plačila. Vsaj običajno je nakup preko spleta cenejši kot nakup preko agencij. Ena najenostavnejših, najhitrejših in najcenejših rešitev je naročilo debetne kartice Mastercard preko mBills. mBills namreč svojim uporabnikom omogoča, da si brezplačno naročijo debetno Mastercard kartico, ki pride prav pri nakupih v fizičnih trgovinah ter tudi pri nakupih na spletu. Naročilo in uporaba sta brezplačna in enostavna. Najprej »iz trgovine« prenesete aplikacijo mBills, se registrirate, opravite osebno identifikacijo, naročite kartico mBills Mastercard (moji mami so pomagali pri tem kar na Petrolu, jaz pa sem na primer vse storila sama), ki vas nato počaka v domačem nabiralniku čez nekaj dni.

Kaj, kdaj in kako boste obdarili svoje najdražje, je vaša odločitev. Vam pa pri nadzorovanju zapravljanja in lažjemu nakupovanju ne le v fizičnih trgovinah, temveč tudi preko spleta, lahko pomagajo naslednji nasveti. Uporabni so v tem decembrskemu času ali tudi kasneje, skupno pa jim je, da zanje poskrbi mBills – aplikacija, s katero vaš telefon postane vaša denarnica.

Naj začnem na začetku: kaj sploh je mBills? mBills je pravzaprav mobilna denarnica, ki uporabnikom omogoča plačevanje z mobilnim telefonom na hiter, varen in enostaven način. Ena največjih prednosti je, da je uporaba povsem brezplačna (torej brez mesečnih ali letnih stroškov vodenja računa, naročnine…), brezplačno je nakazovanje denarja drugim osebam na telefonsko številko, polnjenje mBills (to lahko storite iz svojega bančnega računa ali direktno na Petrolu), plačila blagajniških računov, spletna plačila, plačila v trgovinah… Tudi »klasične« račune oziroma položnice (npr. za elektriko ali telefon) z mBills plačujete brez provizije. Več o sami uporabi si preberite na njihovi spletni strani, jaz pa se bom danes osredotočila na uporabne nasvete, zaradi katerih mislim, da je mBills super izbira.

Prednost imeti denarnico, ki je pravzaprav vaš telefon, je, da imate prav vedno vpogled v stanje – meni se zdi to izredno pomembno, saj sem tako pomirjena in imam vse pod nadzorom. Vse, kar se dogaja na vašem računu (od zapravljanja do prilivov) vidite praktično takoj – potrebujete le internetno povezavo. Pregled trošenja vam bo čez mesec december še posebej pomagal, da imate vsaj kakor toliko pod nadzorom praznično potrošniško mrzlico. Meni je tak vpogled precej pomemben, ko sem na potovanju. Še posebej takrat, ko pride do situacije, ko v zakotni ulici sredi Mehike že drugič povlečeš kartico, ker že dvakrat »ni šla skozi«. V aplikaciji mBills takoj vidiš, če se je res zataknilo.

Enako velja tudi pri spletnih nakupih. Tam smo ljudje še večkrat skeptični, splet je namreč poln prevar, na katere moramo biti pozorni, a naj nas ne prestrašijo toliko, da bi zaradi strahu pred spletnim plačilom v bližnji fizični trgovini stvar preplačali ali se ji celo odpovedali (lep primer so na primer tuje knjige – v naših knjigarnah so lahko res drage, ponudba pa je slaba. Sama rada preverim spletno stran Book Depository, ki je prava zakladnica knjig, ravno v času Black Friday popustov sem si naročila eno za zelo dobro ceno, pri nas pa se je sploh ne najde!). Pred vsakim nakupom preko spleta, kamor vpisujete podatke s svoje kartice, preverite, ali ima spletna stran v naslovu črke »https« ali »http«. »https« označuje varno povezavo, podatke o kartici vpisujte le na takšnih spletnih straneh. Prav zato se pred nakupom pozanimajte in morda za mnenje o spletni strani vprašajte »strica Googla« – če najdete podatke o nezadovoljnih uporabnikih, poiščite izdelek raje kje drugje.

Prednost debetnega Mastercarda pri mBills je tudi ta, da ne gre za kreditno kartico – porabite lahko le toliko kot imate naloženo na računu. Posledično je tudi varnost večja. Dodatno varnost plačevanja z mBills Mastercard vam omogoča tudi postavljanje limitov za plačila – in to kar na telefonu. Limiti za plačevanje z mBills Mastercard kartico so sicer precej visoki (za razliko od mesečnih limitov, postavljenih s strani banke za kreditni Mastercard). To pride še posebej prav, če želite kupiti nekaj dražjega oziroma zapraviti več (na primer kupiti letalske karte za 4-člansko družino). Na mesec lahko na prodajnih mestih tako zapravite do 10.000 €, na dan pa do 5.000 €; na spletu pa do 5.000 € na mesec. Seveda lahko plačila na spletu, prodajnih mestih ter izven EU tudi začasno onemogočite. Na telefonu lahko v aplikaciji mBills v hipu blokirate kartico.

S telefonom (oziroma aplikacijo mBills, ki si jo, mimogrede, brezplačno naložite na telefon) lahko tudi kar direktno plačujete na številnih mestih po celi Sloveniji. Na primer na Petrolu samo pokažete črtno kodo, tam jo skenirajo, plačilo potrdite in že imate račun na telefonu. Ali pa v kavarni, kamor ste povabili prijateljico na klepet in čvek (čas je danes posebno darilo), slikate mBills QR kodo in praktično v sekundi je račun plačan. Gre za precej nov, inovativen način plačevanja, za katerim stoji slovenska ekipa in se meni zdi še toliko bolj zanimiv tudi zaradi tega.

Pri zapravljanju (tudi oziroma še posebej decembrskemu) naj bosta na prvem mestu pamet in varnost. Želim vam čim manj brezglavih nakupov, čudovitih daril za vaše najdražje in vas same – pa naj bodo v obliki letalske karte, dobre knjige, dišeče kozmetike, sladkih dobrot, ročno izdelanih voščilnic ali le časa za čaj s prijatelji.

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