This is one of the questions that came up to us whilst planning our wedding. We are fortunate to have seen quite some of the world before. In the last few years, we have been exploring Mayan temples, enjoying the Caribbean sun in Mexico, enjoying rice plantations and Hindu temples in green Bali, exploring underwater Thailand, walking tens of kilometers in mysterious Jordan and visited quite a few European capitals and many more corners of the world together or individually. To be honest, choosing a honeymoon destination was quite a challenge for us.

Our honeymoon destination had to meet the following criteria:

1. Beautiful sea, sand, palm trees, and colorful underwater world
2. Sunny weather without much rain
3. A max 20-hour flight to get there
4. A location we haven’t visited yet – individually or together
5. The location should offer more than just perfect beaches

On one hand, we wanted a classic honeymoon, but on the other, we still wanted to keep our classic travel regime, which includes some exploration. We firstly dropped the location that has a rainy season during this time of the year. Some of them weren’t a good fit because they were a long flight away – we have 2 weeks and didn’t want to go any further from Bali. So we searched for the right amount of enjoyment, exploration, with a place where we could rest and recharge our body and soul. “If the location offers local tropical fruit, that’s even bigger plus”. We did some research already at home, and after a short conversation, we were sure that the…

….next location: Seychelles!

Seychelles is also one of the locations that Nomago Travel selected as an ideal location for a dream wedding trip in their online guide to honeymoon destinations. Of the 25 locations on the list (you can discover all of them HERE), Jan and I have been to quite a few and we can confirm that all of them are more than suitable for a honeymoon.

When to go on a honeymoon?

We decided to make the trip shortly after the wedding, but we needed to wait for all my documents to arrive as I changed my surname (or in my case adding Jan’s after mine). In Slovenia, the deadline for arranging new documents (passport, ID and driving license) is 30 days, 15 days the deadline only for the registration certificate. I also had some minor tasks managing my bank account, health insurance, etc. So we set to leave mid-October when all the documents are ready. This way the wedding memory will still be fresh but at the same time, just the right amount of time away to start another adventure.

When to go on your honeymoon is a matter of preference. I personally advise not to go later than one year after the wedding. The longer you procrastinate, the further the goal is sometimes. If I got married early in the summer, I would probably wait till fall for the honeymoon as we like to travel to warm places when it’s colder here in Slovenia. The decision always depends on the location itself-for example, you don’t visit Santorini in January. A good decision is also to travel at the season break (you may have a drop of rain more, but the prices are more affordable and it’s less crowded). Having this in mind, we visited Bali in October (we only had two rainy days but it lasted only for an hour or two), similar in Mexico in November, when the rainy season was just ending.

How to chose the perfect honeymoon location?

Here’s my advice: make a list of priorities (like ours above) and chat with your partner, friend or someone who’s visited half of the world, or just talk to a travel agent. We got great advice at Nomago Travel, they also found us cheaper and transferable airline tickets and took care of the cancellation risk (which we hope we won’t need). The flight to Seychelles and back is quite ideal, we depart from Ljubljana, which is so much easier for us. They also advised us on how to schedule time in the Seychelles, which island to visit, gave us some suggestions for trips and shared some useful tips. They certainly saved us quite some planning time and resolved many dilemmas.

These are my suggestions for your honeymoon destinations by month:

  • JANUARY – Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives, South Africa, Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba
  • FEBRUARY – Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives, South Africa, Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba
  • MARCH – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives, Vietnam, Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba
  • APRIL – Italy, New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives, Seychelles, Aruba, Vietnam, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Hawaii
  • MAY – Indonesia, Greece, Italy, New York, Seychelles, Aruba, Fiji, Namibia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Hawaii
  • JUNE – Indonesia, Greece, Italy, New York, Cote d’Azur, Aruba, Fiji, Namibia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Hawaii
  • JULY – Indonesia, Cote d’Azur, Aruba, Namibia, Iceland, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Hawaii
  • AUGUST – Indonesia, Cote d’Azur, Aruba, Namibia, Iceland, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Hawaii
  • SEPTEMBER – Indonesia, Greece, Italy, New York, Cote d’Azur, Fiji, Namibia, Mauritius, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Hawaii
  • OCTOBER – Italy, New York, Seychelles, Fiji, Namibia, Mauritius, Vietnam, Hawaii
  • NOVEMBER – Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, Vietnam
  • DECEMBER – Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives,, Mauritius, South Africa, Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, all capitals with Christmas and New Years fairs

You can read more about locations in my older blog posts and see the full Nomago Travel honeymoon guide for a full overview. Jan and I are practically in the process of packing, but I hope you are already planning your next adventure! Whenever it’s a wedding trip or not, just enjoy!

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The day before the wedding we drove to sunny Primorska. Our weekend couldn’t start any better. We were greeted by beautiful and warm weather as we checked into Mind Hotel Slovenija, where they served us some sparkling wine, strawberries and delicious macaroons from Café Central Portorož (I especially recommend trying the pistachio one!) – all arranged with flowers, embodying the hotel’s philosophy. And those views! Our junior suite was extremely spacious bedroom with balcony, a bathroom, an extra toilet and lounge area with stunning sea view. On Friday, we quickly visited our wedding location, where we met our wedding organizer Blažka (Infinity events) and later returned to Portorož for a beautiful sunset and later went to bed perfectly calm. Last night as a boyfriend and girlfriend…

Mind Hotel Slovenia offered us the perfect balance during our wedding weekend.

It would become clear why we chose Mind Hotel Slovenia in Portorož for our wedding night as soon as you would cross the threshold of a modern, luxurious hotel lobby. The hotel combines elements of the green Istrian landscape, blue Mediterranean and crystal reflections of the salt pans, not forgetting about the history and tradition, but at the same time introducing modern and contemporary elements, offering the visitors the perfect balance. It is a place where you can relax completely because they pamper all your senses there. We were woken up by the sun the next morning. The staff served us breakfast among the pine trees at TreeTop Restaurant. Although I didn’t think I would eat anything at first, the food quickly convinced me. I had in mind that “the bride must be eating well in the morning as she completely forgets about it during the day”. This way we started our preparations completely relaxed and we continued them each in our own room. Jan stayed in ours, I moved with my bridesmaids to my parents’ room, where the whole team – from cameramen, photographers, to makeup artists – were waiting for us. The next few hours felt like seconds and we were already on our way to our wedding location.

How did we spend our first night as husband and wife?

In the late evening (or better, in the morning) we returned to the hotel. Jan and I left half of our “wedding luggage” in the car, put the other half in our living room and jumped in the shower (together of course, this is one of our traditions we stick to at least a few times a week) and went to bed. Although we only slept for a few hours, we had a good rest, and we couldn’t miss the breakfast in the morning (it would be such a shame to do so). We were sorry we ran out of time to visit Terme Portorož. Their thermal water pools – Prehistoric sea, heated seawater pools – Sea Spa, seven wellness centers and seven different types of saunas will have to wait for us to return. If not earlier, for our first wedding anniversary.

Mind Hotel Slovenia is a true five-star luxury that combines traditional and modern elements, interweaving the Mediterranean and Istrian environment, providing superb service, relaxation and comfort in the right balance – which we really needed at our wedding weekend.

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photo: Lovro Rozina – LR Weddings
video: Daniel in Maruša Zamorano – The Wedding Tales
planning & organization: Infinity Events
makeup: Nina Boich – Nina Beautyna
hair: by me, accessories KK Bridal Jewellery
preparation location: Mind Hotel Slovenija, Portorož
wedding location: Kodarinov mlin
floral design: Sanjski šopek
wedding dress: Sanjska obleka – Randy Fenoli
wedding dress (for dance): TH&TH
wedding dress (for cake): Divine Atelier
bridesmaid dresses: TH&TH
wedding shoes: Bella Belle shoes
bridal & bridesmaids robes: Homebodii
garter: Mamie+James
wedding perfume: YSL Libre
groom’s suit: SENS
cuff blocks: Gift of Slovenian architecture – Vurnik
wedding rings: Zlatarna Sterle
wedding cakes & sweet corner: Torte Špela
music: B&B DJ Team
music: Raiven (vocal + harp), violin, cello
photobooth: Fotkar
wedding guest book: Mushu Planners
light letters JA: Keyboard Marquee Letter Lights

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The very last month before the wedding Jan and I had practically everything sorted out and arranged, also thanks to our Infinity Events wedding organizers. One of the last wedding tasks completely in our hands was choosing Jan’s wedding suit. This time we went on the hunt together, because I have chosen mine myself, and picked the one up from Sens store. The choice was both easy on one hand but hard on the other, as Jan was being very picky (hope he doesn’t read this, he would surely deny all of it). However, it’s not so much about being picky as it was to choose between so many options.

So when should a groom go on the hunt for his wedding suit?

We surely delayed our search for the perfect suit. Partly because we knew Jan was looking for a classic, and partly because his suits fit him perfectly (even the ones he gets from a few tens of euros from more affordable fashion providers). However, it is recommended the groom goes on a wedding suit hunt a few months before the wedding. »If the wedding takes place in the summer, the groom should get his suit in January, as we get new collections then and the choice is at its peak«, they added in the Sens store. So, a month before the wedding may be a little late, but Jan is a lucky man anyway. Jan decided on Sens because it is a Slovenian brand of men’s wedding and business clothing. It has been run by the designer Zlata Zavašnik since 1994.

The color dilemma – black, gray, blue, beige?

Although it seemed to us a bit less choice for men’s wedding suits, we quickly realized that the groom’s choice might be even more difficult. The bride finds her dress, maybe adds a veil and some jewelry and she’s done! The groom starts with choosing the color of his jacket and trousers, proceeds with a vest, then a bow or a tie, maybe a handkerchief, cufflinks, buckle… Jan stepped into Sens store with this idea of a black suit, later he was going for a dark grey and eventually went for his first choice. Today we are not revealing it, but I took some photos while trying on other outfits.

Jan chose a suit not only suitable for a wedding, but it can also be worn formal or for business. A vest, a butterfly and a handkerchief add a solemn note to the suit. However, if he adds a business tie to his suit, it instantly changes it’s purposefulness – which is a great advantage as he will be able to wear the suit later.

At first glance this is a classic dress, but taking a closer look reveals interesting details that are given a special attention in Sens store; different shapes of collars, in Jan’s case the spoke collar suit, additional decorative pockets in different places, the color of buttonholes and buttons … Jan chose the Mitros 10 eco suit, which is an eco-friendly product. »The CEO and designer Zlata Zavašnik has a great environmental awareness and responsible attitude towards the planet, both privately and in business. That is why we have a lot of such outfits to see every year. Not only they are environmentally friendly, but also money wise; the prices of eco-clothing are the same as those of ordinary fabrics. We decided to take this move in an effort to encourage as many people as possible to but sustainable and eco-friendly clothing«, told us is Sense store during our try-on.

Vest dilemma: yes or no?

A vest is the only accessory that separates the groom from the rest of the wedding party. With the waistcoat, the groom still looks neat and solemn, even when he puts down his jacket. Another vest advantage is to prevent the shirt peeking from the pants. »If the groom does not want to wear a vest, we recommend to wear a beige undershirt under his shirt, which prevents translucency and sweat stains to be seen on the shirt.«

Bow tie – tie – or none?

It all depends on the individual. In the last year, Jan and I have been at several weddings and we have seen it all – a tie, a bow and also none of them. Jan decided to add a bow tie to be a bit more solemn.

A NON-DROP tip: A groom needs at least two shirts on his wedding!

Summer is considered to be the main wedding season. Quite possible it’ll be pretty hot on the wedding day. Also, the groom is not immune to the stress either, so it is possible he will sweat. A lot. That’s why at least two shirts. In Sens store say that grooms often choose three shirts – two more solemnly and one less (for the party in the evening). The shirt is such a versatile piece he will definitely use it anytime after the wedding.

Do not fear if the groom’s figure doesn’t fit into the established measurements. Without any difficulty, the masters will help him find a dress to fit him perfectly. Jan decided for a lengthened jacket and with some minor adjustments, his dress is really a spot on! You will see it soon!

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Ne morem verjeti, da sem nazaj iz svoje dekliščine! KAJ?! Kam je šel čas? Sedaj lahko uradno začnem odštevanje do najine poročnega dne.

Tisti, ki me malo bolje poznate, verjetno veste, da sem po naravi človek, ki rad planira in da sem prav gotovo control-freak v pravem pomenu besede. Rahla živčnost (opremljena z večkratnimi neuspelimi poskusi, da bi iz katere od punc izvlekla kakšen podatek) je bila torej povsem normalna, sploh glede na to, da sem o svoji dekliščini vedela le lokacijo in datum. Sem človek, ki po naravi ne mara presenečenj. Pa vendar… Mislim, da me je ta vikend popolnoma spreobrnil. Po zaslugi mojih dragih punc, ki so mi pripravile nepozabno zadnjo babjo zabavo pred skokom v zakonski stan!

Dobila sem uradno vabilo na svojo dekliščino

Nekaj dni pred dekliščino me je v nabiralniku pričakalo tudi uradno vabilo s časovnico, ki sicer ni prav nič pomirilo mojega vznemirjenja, je pa vsaj delno odgovorilo na vprašanje »kaj moram pa spakirati, če nič ne vem?«, a po drugi strani mi dalo vedeti, da to pač ne bo navadna dekliščina. Vikend smo začele precej zgoraj v Ljubljani in se odpeljale proti Primorski.

(Od)lom na Lomu

Prva postojanka je bila bencinska črpalka na Lomu, na časovnici označena kot (Od)lom na Lomu. Seveda sem morala pomiti nekaj šip, vmes pa so nam delali družbo celo fantje, ki so nekega bodočega ženina peljali na fantovščino (upam, da je bodi revež preživel vse izzive, med katerimi je zagotovo zmagal bungee jumping na Solkanu, za katerega na bencinski črpalki še ni vedel). Dobre volje, z glasbo precej na glas, smo se odpeljale proti končni postojanki – Portorožu. Brez skrbi, mojo Seat Arono je vozila ena od punc z 0,0 promila alkohola v krvi.

Is it Spa or is it party? It’s sparty!

Grand Hotel Bernardin je bil naš dom za dva dni, že ob prihodu so nas prelepo pogostili z jagodami oblitimi s čokolado in penino ter nas pospremili v Spa, kjer smo se vse razvajale z masažo, savnami in bazeni. Po intenzivnem začetku sem si tako malo napolnila baterije, še toliko bolj pa z okusnim okrepčilom v obliki kanapejev. Nadaljevale smo na ležalnikih ob plaži, ki sicer zame niso pomenili počitka, temveč nekaj izzivov, ki sem jih morala opraviti, da so mi dekleta dovolila poroko z Janom. Mislim, da mi je šlo odlično, kljub temu, da sem zagotovo popila kakšen kozarec gin-tonika in Aperitiva Rosata preveč.

Najlepše darilo za dekliščino

Sonce se je že poslavljalo, me smo odrinile s plaže in se hitro uredile za večerjo. Kot se za lokacijo spodobi, smo si privoščile morske dobrote, ni manjkalo klepeta in smeha. Dekleta so mi ob večerji tudi predala najlepše, najbolj pozorno darilo, kar sem ga prejela kadarkoli – izdelale so pravo revijo, jo poimenovale Ajda – posebna poročna izdaja revije in vajo vključile vse od uvodnika, križanke, horoskopa, intervjuja, do stavnic, vse personalizirano, prečudovito oblikovano in izredno pozorno, ljubeče in istočasno hudomušno napisano. Čeprav sem takrat revijo le prelistala, sem komaj zadrževala solze. Dokončno sem se zlomila doma in revijo v enem šusu prebrala. V ta izdelek so zagotovo vložile ure in ure dela, ogromno ljubezni in truda, hkrati pa zadele totalno terno. Kako bi lahko še bolj zadele?! Večer je minil v znamenju klepeta, smeha, gumijastih bonbonov (ker me punce res dobro poznajo so pripravile zame celo skledo), pijače, obujanja spominov in verjetno najbolj random debat na planetu. Zjutraj smo to nadaljevale ob bogatem zajtrku, na terasi Grand Hotela Bernardin in na koncu še na sladoledu.

Drage punce! Moje družice, draga sestrica, prijateljice, moje nore babe! Hvala vam za ta nepozabni vikend poln smeha, razvajanja, sladkanja, klepeta, spominov… Hvala vam, da ste na to noro dogodivščino šle z mano in hvala, ker boste z mano tudi v prihodnje. Zagotovo drži kot ste zapisale na koncu revije: niso diamanti najboljši prijatelji vsake ženske, njene prijateljice so njeni diamanti! Vas po čistini, barvi in velikosti zagotovo ne prekaša nihče!


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