Autumn picnic ꟾ How to wear leather jacket in colder days?

Honestly, it wouldn’t be fair to complain about this autumn’s weather (at least until now, keeping my fingers crossed for more sunny days like these). Nonetheless, the cold morning temperatures (which can drop below 10°C) and warmer daytime temperatures (even above 20 ° C) can mean a true wardrobe challenge. In the event of such fashion fits, I prefer to wear a coat or a leather jacket. The latter can be worn in various ways, and layering is certainly the most straightforward and trendy solution in this transitional period. In the mornings, I opt for a warm sweater or pair it with a big, snuggly scarf. Wearing big scarfs (that look like blankets) is for sure one of the trendiest solutions this season. In the afternoon, you just scarf at home/work or simply tie it around my bag (or in this case backpack). And I am ready for an autumn picnic with a wonderful view and lots of vitamins!

outfit: Tom Tailor
photo: Pia Hočevar Mucić

this blog post was created in collaboration with Tom Tailor


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  1. ule
    Monday October 15th, 2018 / 09:58 PM

    Krasna jakna!

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