Khaki Parka

One of my favourite outerwear pieces is definitely this khaki Nike 3 in 1 parka. It’s perfect for any weather condition – from freezing to heavy rain or sunny early winter days.
Why do I love it?

  • it’s water resistant
  • has adjustable waist
  • with interior and exterior pockets
  • you can wear it in 3 different ways (just the topper layer or just quilted inner jacket or both for colder days – like today)

I combined it with burgundy velvet pants, brown shoes and bag. To complete my look, I added Xray sunglasses and ring.

  • Nike khaki parka
  • H&M burgundy velvet pants
  • Xray sončna očala / sunglasses
  • ring
  • leather shoes and bag


  1. sobota 17. november 2012 / 10:35

    You look so beautiful and stunning!

    I'm your new follower!

  2. sobota 17. november 2012 / 14:12

    beautiful hair! fantastic! amazing ring, sunglasses & pants<3

  3. sobota 17. november 2012 / 23:24

    Classic look!

    <3 Melissa

  4. nedelja 18. november 2012 / 01:21

    the parka definitely suits you really well, you look so chic! and i adore your hair, it's so pretty!!

  5. nedelja 18. november 2012 / 05:06

    you look great! love those jeans tooo x

  6. nedelja 18. november 2012 / 20:03

    You're so beautiful! 🙂 I love, love your Nike khaki jacket! I had no idea Nike made jackets like yours… it's so gorgeous! 🙂 I don't have a khaki jacket, but do I have a khaki button-up that I haven't worn in forever. Maybe I'll pull it out of my closet & style it! 🙂 For me, my tan leather jacket is my perfect rainy-day jacket… but I wish it had a hood, hehe! 😮 Loved how you paired your jacket with the burgundy pants! <3

    So glad I discovered your lovely blog today! I am now your newest follower… looking forward to reading your upcoming posts! 🙂


  7. ponedeljek 19. november 2012 / 15:02

    Great look! The parka is wonderful and I adore the colour of your jeans very much. x

  8. ponedeljek 19. november 2012 / 18:25

    Great look!
    What about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!
    I was also wondering if you would like to enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse on my online fashion magazine, it means that you will have your outfits published there!….write an e-mail at to learn more!

  9. ponedeljek 19. november 2012 / 19:59

    Great look, love your parka! Would you like to follow each other via gfc, facebook and bloglovin? Kisses, Lucy

  10. ponedeljek 19. november 2012 / 22:28

    Gorgeous parka ! You look just Fab <3

  11. torek 20. november 2012 / 00:09

    I didn't know nike made such a versatile stylish parka! Must check out their store now 😉


  12. torek 20. november 2012 / 01:50

    Hi Lovely! First time here, I love your blog, and you seem so nice!
    If you'd like you can add me on facebook /dmartinezz…I would love to know about your life in such a far country, I'm from Chile.

    Besos, Dani

  13. torek 20. november 2012 / 07:05

    That parka is such a great piece, and I love how you paired it with a red pant!


  14. torek 20. november 2012 / 19:14

    Love your parka, great look;)

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