Nike Running Fashion Show

On 14th November, I was part of the Nike running fashion show (Nike tekaški spektakel) as Nike ambassador. Nike opened it’s biggest store in Slovenia inside Emporium shopping center. So, why “running” fashion show? We presented the new Nike collection on the runway while running and jumping. Doing it our way!

For all those who follow track & field, names like Primož Kozmus and Marija Šestak probably ring a bell! Yes, they were “models” too. I as Miss sportswoman 2009 and former athlete have been a part of the Nike ambassdor group for the past few years. I really love all the “duty” that comes with it. Being part fo this attractive fashion show is just one of them!
Warming up
Kataya, Manca Špik, Špela Grošelj (singers), Samuel Lucas (singer), me, Peter Dragovič (aerobics instructor), Bojan Ilijanič and Peter Klinc (both Mister Slovenia) lifting Maja Martina Merljak (actor), Blaž Grad (athlete), Marija Šestak (triple jumper), Vid Tršan (athlete), Helena Draškovič (Magistrat International director), Torben Valsted (Manager at Nike), Primož Kozmus (olimpic gold medalist in hammer throw)
Alenka Bikar (former sprinter), Brigita Langerholc (former middle distance runner), Alya (singer), Gregor Cankar (sports instructor) and Žan Rudolf (800m national record holder)


Brigita Langerholc and me





 Saša Bernetič (journalist and blogger), me and Lea Perovšek (Miss sportswoman 2010)


Manca Špik and me




Interview with Manja Plešnar

Photo: Emporium



  1. petek 16. november 2012 / 09:27

    You look so cool in that sport's gear 😀
    Really amazed to know that you are Nike's Brand Ambassador and was Miss Sportswoman 2009! ^^
    It was lovely reading this post 🙂

  2. petek 16. november 2012 / 14:23

    foto carinissime!
    se ti va passa da me che c'è un nuovo post, mi farebbe molto piacere!=)

  3. petek 16. november 2012 / 15:29

    Such a brilliant and fun idea to present a new collection. You look so beautiful! x

  4. petek 16. november 2012 / 18:43

    you're so pretty & fit:)) you looked amazing, you're a great model:) i love sport shorts:))

  5. petek 16. november 2012 / 20:07

    Hi, passing by to say hello. Wonderful event and now that is so fashionable sport styles!
    Have fun!


  6. sobota 17. november 2012 / 04:45

    great photos! I love nike's clothes! all the bright colors always makes me happy 🙂


  7. sobota 17. november 2012 / 23:35

    I love Nike too! Thank you all for your lovely comments!

  8. nedelja 18. november 2012 / 01:14

    That event looks like it was so much fun… you are lucky you are blessed with such beauty and grace… if it were me running down that catwalk, I would look like a blotchy pile of sweat, and would probably be out of breath despite it being such a short catwalk… guess I need to hit the gym!!

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