Philips Fashion Week Slovenia day #1

The third Philips Fashion Week in Slovenia took place in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana 8.10.-10.10.2012. Over 30 designers showing their spring-summer collections 2012…

The first day my outfit was classic with romantic hints:
Chiffon wide leg pants (custom-made by my design)
H&M floral printed shirt
TOP shop shoes
Moja Moja by Katja Klepec black and white clutch

Photos are not the best (and therefore not the best representative for my styling) due to the fact that I wasn’t planning on publishing them on my blog.

After the fashion show, I had an interview for Slovenian national television. Click here to see my comment (it’s in Slovenian language). For those who don’t understand it, here is quick sum-up: I wasn’t very enthusiastic about first day designers. However I was nicely surprised about Almira Sadar, considering her previous collections weren’t so much my cup of tea. I like the story and coherence in Akultura designs. Maybe later sth more about that.

photo: The Editor / / zurnal24



  1. ponedeljek 22. oktober 2012 / 09:22

    Oh wow! You look sooo beautiful, pretty lady! Chic!! 🙂

    • torek 23. oktober 2012 / 15:46

      Thank you Anna, I can say the same for you!

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