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The official summer days are just around the corner. On June 21st the season of short and long sea escapes will open. This especially counts for Slovenia – as I always say, especially when I chat with foreigners, we live in the best country ever for taking weekend trips. A good hour away we have the seaside, Croatian and Italian coast (and some charming towns) are just a few kilometers further, we have lakes, mountains and amazing countryside. There’s something for each and every traveler – for those who love to swim until the sunset and those who prefer endless hikes with breathtaking views, for those who only have 2 or 3 days to spend and those who prefer 7+ day full on vacation mode.

For those who are taking off on a short trip by plane and taking only your cabin baggage with you, I have recently prepared a guide with some tips and tricks on how to travel with hand luggage only. In this blog post I will virtually pack a small suitcase for a short trip to the seaside. Again, my fellow travel companion in a white lightweight American Tourister Soundbox Spinner on 4 wheels, which can be easily carried or dragged along the paved streets of charming Mediterranean towns. It is a great investment not only as a smaller suitcase for shorter trips to nearby locations, but also as hand luggage (since it meets the criteria for most of the airlines, and it can also be expanded by unzipping a special zipper).

So, how do I pack a suitcase for a shorter seaside trip and what are my recommendations? This holiday packing list can help you while packing for your next sea escape. Here’s my holiday packing list for a short trip to the seaside.


  • nightslip or pajamas
  • 3x underpants
  • 1-2x bra (depending on the clothes you will pack)
  • 2x summer dress (simple one you can wear to the beach and one for an evening walk in the town or dinner)
  • 1-2x swimwear
  • 1x pants (depending on the temperature – short or long)
  • 2x T-shirt (one simple T-shirt and one blouse)
  • 1x jeans jacket or lighter upperwear (when it’s breezier in the evenings)
  • 1x hat (I suggest a classic straw hat)
  • 1x sunglasses
  • optional: sports set (if you are going to be active)
    *one of the outfits can be your travel outfits to save some space


  • 1x sandals
  • 1x slippers (for beach / swimming pool)
  • optional: sneakers + socks (if you are going to be active)


  • facial cream with SPF (mandatory!)
  • SPF lotion (mandatory!)
  • night care cream (take one or two testers with you, if you have any)
  • optional: makeup (BB cream, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, waterproof mascara, small eyeshadow palette + make-up brushes)
  • mini micellar water or two-phase makeup remover
  • mini facial wash gel
  • hairbrush and hair elastic
  • cotton sticks
  • small emergency medical kit (painkillers of some sort, motion-sickness tablets – especially if you are going sailing, sewing kit, plasters)
  • optional: contact lenses (+ solution)
    *pack shower gel, shampoo and conditioner only if you won’t get any in the hotel


  • beach towel
  • optional: bath towel (if not available at the hotel/apartment)
  • phone charger
  • optional: book, magazine, cards, floaty, camera (+charger)

Opullence dress
RayBan sunglasses
Cluse watch

American Tourister Soundbox Spinner

in collaboration with Toko trgovine / American Tourister


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