Back to school

back to school

New school year has already started, so I am sharing with you my wardrobe essentials:

Firstly, jeans are essential in every wardrobe. Noting can give you a confidence boost like a pair of well-fitting jeans. They can also solve countless wardrobe dilemmas.

Loafers are an old-school trend that will make you look chic and preppy. You can pair them with everything, they will instantly add some trendy “seriousness”.

Find a unique T-shirt that is basic, but still not totally boring. This season pearls have made a huge comeback, so this Dorothy Perkins shirt is definitely a good choice to spice up your look.

Coat-jacket hybrid is a great versatile choice as your outerwear. Choose a style you will wear throughout the whole autumn.

Larger handbag that carries all of your books, pencils and other (un)necessary supplies.

Dorothy Perkins clothing
Dorothy Perkins bag and shoes
HatsbyBSR turban

photo: Katarina Veselič


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