5 great habits I try to incorporate in my morning routine

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I am one of those people, who don’t follow their morning routine religiously. The only routine I stick to is skincare, to be completely honest. Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion, that following a system when you start your day is important. Important for making the best out of the day, to be as productive as possible. A great morning routine ensures a high productivity level and gives you a more organized feel. Overall, it comes down to you, your own priorities, your own working schedule and life overall. These are my 5 elements I try to include in my morning routine in order to make it as productive as possible:

#1 Taking time to eat breakfast

During a busy morning, it’s easy to let breakfast fall low on your list of priorities. If you ask me, I could easily skip breakfast for a few minutes of extra sleep. I know it is not the healthiest choice of them all, and I know that taking just a few minutes to eat something healthy in the morning can make a huge difference on that day. That is why I love to go for a NuMe Slim Shake with Collagen, which is a low calorie diet meal replacement, that contains all that your body needs in the morning, especially if you’re trying to get that bikini body. For me, it’s great that I can eat it on-the-go. No excuses for not eating at least something in the morning!

#2 Go through emails as soon as possible

Procrastination has been something I’ve been really good at. Especially with those emails that need a bit more thought and longer explanations. I was drowning in tons and tons of emails, my Outlook was completely full. Now, I am trying to go through all the important ones every morning. This is how I don’t forget to reply and get everything done as soon as possible (so, I am relatively free during the day).

#3 Planning my day ahead

I still use my diary book daily, I write down important tasks for each day of the week. Lately, I am trying to plan each day ahead in the morning, making sure I don’t forget important meetings, events and tasks, as well as the minor ones. I started using the calendar on my HP Spectre x360, and this has been working great for me. Not only that I have everything written down on paper, I always have every important “to do” task on my laptop. In the mornings I also arrange Skype calls, I try to have them before the noon. Mornings are also the time I usually write and schedule blog posts, Word or OneNote are my true best friends making sure I don’t misspell too often. Planning each day ahead has been working great for me, even if it takes extra few minutes in my morning routine, it makes me more calm and organized during the day.

#4 Have a cup of coffee (or better: green tea)

Believe it or not, I am not one of those who NEED coffee in the morning the first thing they wake up. I am not a huge coffee addict, so sometimes I skip it in the morning. The end result is that I often have coffee at a café later that day, when my body starts sending me messages that my energy levels are low and it’s in a need of a boost in a form of caffeine. Saving money and time during the day, I have my coffee (with rice milk, a nice alternative) in the morning at home, when I am still in my women’secret pyjamas. Lately I’ve been trying to switch to green and white tea, my body seems to love it!

#5 Keeping my prescription glasses on longer

I’ve been using contact lenses for years and to be completely honest I couldn’t imagine my day without them. To keep my eyes in good condition, I try to work through most of my working hours in my prescription glasses. In the mornings I try to stay in my Neubau eyeglasses as long as possible and sometimes don’t wear contact lenses for the whole day. Obviously, this is not the best solution when I do workout, but still I try to do it at least once a week.

women’secret pyjamas
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Neubau prescription glasses (Optika Mali)

photo: Katarina Veselič

NuMe Slim Shake
NuMe Slim Shake
morning routine great habits
NuMe Slim Shake
morning routine good habits
morning routine habits
women'secret pyjamas
women'secret pyjamas
women'secret pyjamas
women'secret pyjamas
HP Spectre x360
HP Spectre x360
HP Spectre x360
morning routine


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  1. Tuesday April 11th, 2017 / 09:44 AM

    Jutra so res pomembna za dober začetek dneva. Jaz imam skos isto rutino in je učinkovita ;). Sem se pa namensko spremenila v jutranjo osebo in vedno vstanem vsaj uro in pol prej, da lahko vse postorim v miru.
    Pa zelo lepe fotke, kot vedno 😉

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