Bloggers run with Adidas: 5 running mistakes to avoid

running mistakes to avoid

Running mistake #1: wearing wrong running shoes

Many (especially newbies) runners think it is not important what kind of running shoes they wear. They are very wrong. As a matter of fact, you should avoid wearing old running shoes and try to find the right type for your foot and running style in order to avoid injuries. Find a helpful professional who will help you determine whether your feet are pronated or supinated (or neutral) and advise you which running shoe to pick.

Running mistake #2: wearing inappropriate clothing

Wearing wrong clothes while running can be uncomfortable and weaken performance, it can even lead to hyper- or hypothermia. Picking the right fabric is essential (technical fabric is the best way to go since it pulls sweat and moisture away from the skin). The rule I always follow is “quality over quantity”, I try to find clothes that fit me well and will last me a while.

Running mistake #3: not hydrating enough

Sometimes it’s hard to determine how much fluid you actually need and how much you’ve lost during the workout. Many forget to hydrate and some don’t like drinking too much (because obviously, you would need to visit the toilet more often). That can lead to dehydration and have negative health consequences. Pay attention to drink enough before, during and after a workout session. Don’t go for beverages with caffeine and avoid over-sugared drinks. Water and most importantly isotonic drinks are my recommendation.

Running mistake #4: too much, too fast

Especially when starting with running training, many get overexcited and start too fast, run longer distances and do it too frequently. No matter how enthusiastic you are, you should always take time to rest and recover your body. If you’re starting from zero, gradually build up the length, duration and frequency of your weekly runs. You will definitely not lose interest by progressing gradually and you will have less chance of picking up an injury.

Running mistake #5: no warming up & cooling down

I’ve already made an individual blog post regarding the importance of warming up and cooling down. I suggest you check it out by clicking here.

photo: Katarina Veselič
running clothes: Adidas

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