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There are many reasons why black is so easy to wear – it goes pretty much with every colour, it makes you look thinner, it’s timeless and makes it extremely simple to put together an outfit for any occasion. Keeping it monochrome, even in black, can be a smart and easy move. It can be boring for sure, but on the other hand it can be elegant, trendy or edgy as well. Today I decided to share with you one of the looks we shot for the latest Viva’s Leather Goods editoral in the botanical gardens in Ljubljana. With the black bucket bag, MacBook sleeve and a small pouch we decided to keep it simple and minimalistic – wearing black culottes and a longer black top.

Promod culottes
Promod top
Viva’s Leather Goods bucket bag
Viva’s Leather Goods MacBook sleeve

photo: Katarin Veselič

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