Every 8th woman in Europe is diagnosed with breast cancer and every 5th later loses her battle. These are the statistics, these are the facts. In order to help spread the word on the importance of self-examination and early detection, Palmers has started a campaign presenting the #TheCancerBra and a group of Slovenian bloggers (me included) have decided to support the good cause and try it on ourselves. What is the #TheCancerBra? It’s a regular bra that hangs in Palmers stores, the only difference is that it actually has a “silicon” breast tumor, which reminds women when trying it on, that it can happen to anyone. One thing every women should do (regardless of age and gender!) to beat the statistics is not to neglect your role in early prevention, especially by self-examination. Of course you are welcome to stop by at a Palmers store, try the #CancerBra yourself, check the www.TheCancerBra.com and spread the word forward.

photo: Katarina Veselič

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