Zoeva Bamboo Vol.2 Brush Set

I know, you are probably annoyed by me constantly mentioning Zoeva brushes. I can’t help myself, they are simply the best. Their latest launch (available from 31st March) is the Zoeva Bamboo Vol.2 Brush Set. It’s vegan, perfect for all those free-spirited, balanced souls who love a simple design and grant themselves some luxurious beauty products. Obviously, they are inspired by the origins of nature; made of three renewable carefully selected and hand-crafted materials (soft vegan taklon hair, bamboo wooden handles and golden coloured aluminum furrules). The set symbolizes the beginning of all things beautiful and Zoeva’s zest for life.

There are 8 brushes included in the set and you get them for the price of 65€ (buy HERE), which is reasonable considering their high quality, easy application and blending. They are super soft, but compact (even an intense wash doesn’t harm them). The set contains a cardboard box brush holder, a bamboo brush large clutch and the following brushes:

103 Defined Buffer is a small angled foundation brush with vegan taklon bristles, specially shaped for a full coverage application of liquid and cream foundations. It perfectly fits the contour of my face, allowing detailed application and blending. One of my favourite foundation brushes for sure!

105 Highlight is perfect for highlighting cheekbones, nose, cupids bow or cleavage. Because of its tapered shape it can also be used for detailed application of blush or as a contouring tool. It’s super silky and smooth, the softest one out of the bunch.

109 Face Paint is one of my favourites since it makes applying liquid and cream products effortless. It is a bit sturdier than the regular 109, because of the vegan talkon hair, still the colour applies evenly creating the illusion of an actual shadow (using the right products of course).

128 Cream Cheek is the all-rounder. You can use it to apply powder and cream blush (all the crazy-blush-ladies will love it), bronzer or even contour products. It creates a seamless finish and makes the application is easy due to its angled shape that fits the contours along the cheek area.

142 Concealer Buffer is the one I raved about before and it completely changed my dark circle and discoloration covering routine around my eyes with a concealer/corrector. The finish with this one is super natural, all you need to do is gently dab it onto your skin and softly blend the edges in a circular motion. A true winner for me!

227 Soft Definer is a “classic” 227 with vegan taklon bristles (similar to Mac 217), an eyeshadow brush perfect for blending, shading and smoothing transitions of cream eyeshadow products. It is my first cream eyeshadow brush and since it came into my life I’ve been phasing out the regular finger-dipping technique (which I already disliked, because I always get product behind my nails.

232 Classic Shader has a bit shorter bristles than the 227, it’s wider and narrower. It doesn’t get as much love from me as the 227, however it is still quite useful, especially for dabbing some wet-pressed pigments on my eyelid.

317 Wing Liner is probably one of the most adored brushes from Zoeva. It would be a miracle if you find anyone who doesn’t like it, because it’s simply superb. It’s an angled extra fine eyeliner brush, which comes in handy as a lipstick brush as well. Works amazing with gel or cream eyeliners and it glides along your natural lash line in a steady stroke (you don’t even need a super steady hand).



  1. Anonymous
    Friday April 10th, 2015 / 08:16 AM

    Ali bi mi bolj svetovala takšen set ali raje navadnega (ki ima tudi naravne ščetine)? Doma imam samo 3 čopiče – enega za bronzer/rdečilo in dva za senčila in bi rada malo dopolnila mojo zbirko. Hvala ti! Lp, Anja

    • Sunday April 26th, 2015 / 09:05 PM

      Verjetno bi zate najbolj prišel prav kakšen set, ki vsebuje kombinacijo – nekaj čopičev s sintetičnimi ščetinami in nekaj z naravnimi (za senčila). Zoeva ima nekaj super paketov, vsekakor pa me lahko kontaktiraš na fb ali po mailu za pomoč 🙂

  2. Tuesday April 14th, 2015 / 05:03 AM

    Ohhhh, Zoeva brushes, že 100 let jih imam na WL, teli bamboo izgledajo super 🙂 V setih pogresam samo kaksen dodaten copic na foro 317 Wing Linder, za obrvi 🙂 Super post! xx S&R

    • Tuesday April 14th, 2015 / 08:31 AM

      Čopič za obrvi je 322 Brow Line, pride pa v Complete Eye setu, Classic Eye setu, Luxe Complete setu, Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol.2 (o katerem sem že pisala) in verjetno še v kakšnem 🙂 V tem ga pa res ni.

  3. Thursday September 24th, 2015 / 04:54 PM

    te čopiče si naročla prek nemške strani ?

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