Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil

The second bamboo themed post this week on my blog! This one reveals one of my favourite hair treatment oils of all times – Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil. It is most definitely one of the products that makes a huge difference in my hair care routine, the one I really swear by since I first got the chance to try out. Read further for a detailed review.

What they say at Alterna?
Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil is a strengthening and smoothing oil for the hair. It can be used as a nourishing treatment that helps to repair split ends and environmental damage, and as a style-primer to reduce frizz, impart intense shine & protect colour while providing vital nutrients. It is best for thick and coarse hair types. Instantly absorbing Kendi Oil is made with strengthening Organic Bamboo (immediately boosts hair’s strength, flexibility & sustainability for stronger, healthier hair) and smoothing organic kendi oil (works to repair & smooth the hair’s lipid layer; protects from future damage). Advice for usage: use as a styling aid, apply a small amount throughout damp hair and style as usual. To use as an oil treatment one to two times per week, apply liberally to dry hair and leave for 10 minutes. Wash hair as usual.

What do I say?
Well, compared to all other “Moroccan/argan haircare oils” this one comes out as the winner for me. I am not sure where to start; there is not one thing that I dislike about this one. The packaging looks and smells nice and it’s highly practical – made of high-quality plastic which looks like glass and comes with a handy pipette. The texture/consistency is quite thick, but overall very easy to distribute (much easier than most other hair oils). I cannot tell you how amazing it works on my hair; it really makes a substantial difference. I use it on both –dry or damp hair. The latter works best in my opinion. After damping my hair with a towel, I apply a few drops (about half pipette; since my hair is rather long and thick) and work it through my hair starting from the ends and work my way up to the roots. It definitely makes my hair more manageable and easier to comb (sometimes I add a leave-in-conditioner or hair milk as well). The thing that I really love about this one is the fact that It doesn’t make my hair greasy (or look greasy in any way), even if I use a generous amount. It really seals the ends, makes my hair shiny and a lot healthier. Whenever I use it on dry hair; I usually use less than I would when on wet hair and focus only on my ends. However, in my case it absorbs better and quicker on damp hair (than on dry), but it still works amazing on dry as well (it makes such a difference when using on curled hair, plus it combats frizz very well). Alterna says it is made for thick, dry hair and I must agree. If your hair is really dry, it might work for you even if yours is thinner. It works excellent on mine, it is super nourishing without leaving my hair greasy. You can also combine it with a hair mask (using a few drops to help with extra nourishment), I’ve tried it twice now and it really made a huge difference, made my hair ultra soft. If you are not fully convinced about using oils, I would really advise you to check this product out – it will change your mind for sure. On the other hand, if you are a huge hair oil lover, I cannot recommend it enough; the price isn’t the cheapest (22,57€ for 50ml in Slovenia HERE), but a little goes a long way with this product. I would pick it over the-much-raved about Moroccan Oil every single time. Not the cheapest out there, but at least you know what you’re paying for.



    • Sunday April 12th, 2015 / 07:33 PM

      I lvoe Caviar collection as well, especially the shampoo and conditioner are amazing!!

  1. Anonymous
    Sunday April 12th, 2015 / 07:38 PM

    Super članek. Tole moram sprobat upam, da bo odgovarjalo mojih suhim in slamnatim lasem. Jas bi te še brala o ostalih produktih, ki jih uporabljaš v svoji vsakdanji negi las.

    • Sunday April 12th, 2015 / 07:42 PM

      Absolutno, pride članek v sredo 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    Sunday April 12th, 2015 / 09:45 PM

    Zivjo Ajda.
    zelo bi bila vesela, ce bi objavila kaksen izdelek za mastne lase.

    obozujem tvoj blog!

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