Field Of Dreams

I always wanted a romantic white dress with a touch of uniqueness. When I saw this one on Sabo Skirt, it was love at first sight.  You actually don’t need any additional “decoration”, the dress itself is so interesting. I added my cute Mini Watch to complete the all white look. A messy braid knitted into a bun is actually one of my favourite summer hairstyles. It goes great with a casual or even glamorous look; and on the other hand it gives you complete freedom. Days are getting warmer (with some storms I really don’t like) and I just can’t wait to make some summer outfits. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s my first Summer as blogger…

Sabo Skirt white dress
Mini Watch



  1. Monday June 10th, 2013 / 07:43 AM

    Super lepe slikce, to klasje naredi res posebno vzdušje. Pa belo poletno oblekico si tudi jaz želim že kar nekaj časa. Mogoče bom pa imela to sezono kaj več sreče 😉

  2. Monday June 10th, 2013 / 07:52 AM

    So lovely photos, I love it!
    The dress is very cute 😉

  3. Monday June 10th, 2013 / 08:08 AM

    Uau, čudovita obleka. 🙂

  4. Monday June 10th, 2013 / 11:51 AM

    Ti si vedno tko lepa <3
    pa full lepa oblekica <3

  5. Monday June 10th, 2013 / 10:35 PM

    Čudovite fotke, res dobr izbrana lokacija 🙂

  6. Tuesday June 11th, 2013 / 08:11 PM

    Great post! I'm your new follower! 🙂 I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thanks! Kisses from VV!!

  7. Tuesday June 11th, 2013 / 10:08 PM

    Your face in the last couple of shots, babe, is just beyond gorgeous. And I agree, that hairdo is perfect for summer. I just wish I knew how to braid a braid like that.:D

  8. Anonymous
    Thursday June 13th, 2013 / 10:57 AM

    Res izgledaš fenomenalno. Sploh nism opazila, da imaš svoj blog, te samo kot miss športa poznam. Ful dobr, bomo spremljali še naprej. Tanja

  9. Thursday June 13th, 2013 / 08:56 PM

    beautiful dress, beautiful you! natural makeup look suits you wonderfully!

    if you use gfc to follow my blog, please consider switching over to bloglovin' since google reader is shutting down on july 1. thank you!

    a possible fantasy

  10. Thursday June 13th, 2013 / 09:57 PM

    this pictures are so beautiful, and so is the dress!

  11. Thursday June 13th, 2013 / 10:23 PM

    amazing photos, great post:)

  12. Friday June 14th, 2013 / 01:37 PM

    You're really beautiful! Amazing pics and great location!
    I really like your blog, i've just followed it with Twitter and Bloglovin! 🙂 Hope you'll me back?

    -xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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  13. Anonymous
    Saturday June 15th, 2013 / 06:59 PM

    waw kere lepe fotke! ampak dej se mal večkrat smej 🙂

  14. Wednesday June 19th, 2013 / 08:36 AM

    Lovely Dress~ Nice your watch Babe <3

  15. Wednesday June 19th, 2013 / 07:19 PM

    waw! zelo lepa! <3

  16. Wednesday August 7th, 2013 / 01:08 PM

    Thank you so much for your comments!

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