I turned 22 a few days ago. The celebration with my family and close friends was full of unforgettable moments, delicious food, laughter, fruit and Sacher cakes, the cutest gifts ever (Marc by Marc Jacobs ring, Topshop jewelry, cosmetics, sweets…)! Special thanks to my dearest for such a nice time we had together. However, they weren’t the only ones who made me happy- I also got some amazing goodies for my blog, like statement jewelry from SisMade (my new love!), Moja Moja purse, some Vichy and LilyLolo cosmetics (which I use on daily basis), Daniel Wellington watch, OX Touchscreen Gloves, BunnyBeCool 14k gold bracelet…



  1. ponedeljek 11. februar 2013 / 10:38

    Vse najboljše! Čudovite pridobitve!

    • ponedeljek 11. februar 2013 / 11:03

      Hvala! Si že poskusila tale Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean lotion? Jaz sem ga pred kratkim kupila in je super!

  2. ponedeljek 11. februar 2013 / 12:58

    Amazing pics!I love the first black necklace!

  3. ponedeljek 11. februar 2013 / 18:00

    Happy late birthday!! Hope you had a great day…and it looks like you did. You got some great things 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I love your blog! So glad I found it. You're gorgeous!! Would you like to follow each other???

    Let me know 🙂

    The Rancher's Daughter

  4. ponedeljek 11. februar 2013 / 18:37

    great stuffs, that necklace caught my eyes.

  5. ponedeljek 11. februar 2013 / 21:57

    I am dying for the black statement necklace! really need it in my life!


    Julia from

  6. ponedeljek 11. februar 2013 / 22:18

    the necklaces look stunning !!

  7. torek 12. februar 2013 / 08:12

    happy Bday sweetie!wish you the best** 🙂

  8. torek 12. februar 2013 / 08:37

    Great stuff here!

  9. torek 12. februar 2013 / 10:26

    Nakit iz prve slikice mi je zelo všeč. Pa vse najboljše! 🙂

  10. torek 12. februar 2013 / 12:37

    Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you got heaps of goodies! I love the neckalces in your first photo! 😀

  11. torek 12. februar 2013 / 12:52

    Happy Birthday !! Your bracelets are so cute 🙂

  12. torek 12. februar 2013 / 12:52

    I soooo love the necklaces! and liked the watch too!
    I wish to have like that! 🙂

  13. sreda 13. februar 2013 / 16:41

    ach, super goodies..;)

  14. sobota 16. februar 2013 / 13:44

    used too all vichy products im so in love with them

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