Flaska = The Water Bottle

You are probably asking yourself why am I writing about a water bottle. However, you’ll quickly realize I’m not talking about just any water bottle. It’s The Water Bottle, the chicest and fanciest reusable water bottle in the whole world. It’s programmed using a special TPS procedure which changes the structure of the water in the bottle. You can read the story HERE. Believe it or not – it has better taste!

              The Water Bottle Neo Design
              The Water Bottle Horoscope
We all know about adverse impacts of using plastic bottles. The Water Bottle (Flaška in Slovene) is a great product for those who are concerned about effects of BPA etc. Those who just don’t care about all this, will definitely be impressed with the bottle’s chic appearance! Its neoprene/cotton sleeves come in several designs.
              The Water Bottle Neo


             The Water Bottle Classic and Organic
Yes – it’s made of glass. No worries, the neoprene or cotton sleeve will protect it from cracking. I use it during sports, at the faculty and it always goes with me in my bag.

You can see the photos of various designs – you can even choose the one with Swarovski Crystal, organic cotton or your own design! You can also go for an engraved cap.

                                                                                                                                                   The Water Bottle Crystal and Lady
              The Water Bottle – your own logo
I’m not saying this, just because I worked with them! I’m sure all of you just found the water bottle design that suits you! It’s a “must have” product in Slovenia and it’s expanding worldwide.


  1. torek 13. november 2012 / 08:14

    Really nice blog! I enjoy it a lot 🙂

    I follow you now here, and at bloglovin 🙂
    xoxo ;*

  2. torek 13. november 2012 / 21:43

    This is so cute!!
    I am now following you on GFC and Bloglovin!! Hope you do the same<3

  3. torek 13. november 2012 / 22:12

    Tnx for all your lovely comments! The Water Bottle is great for our planet and also very chic 🙂 Tomorrow you can participate in my first giveaway! 🙂

  4. sreda 14. november 2012 / 09:32

    Have few of them and they are just perfect :)))

  5. sreda 14. november 2012 / 23:29

    Love that something so simple can be so beneficial for the environment–especially something that comes in such cool patterns and prints! 🙂


    • četrtek 15. november 2012 / 11:55

      For sure! I give it as gift to my sister and friend last year! 🙂

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