Athleisure ꟾ Tom Tailor

The word “athleisure” was added to the English dictionary two years ago and it means combining sporty, athletic wear with fashionable elements. Pieces that resembles sports clothing, but have a trendy and fashionable look (which make them perfect for the streets, work or school), were brought to the store shelves (and Slovenain streets) by Tom Tailor in a new white-blue color palette capsule collection. A cool ribbed dress with lines is my top choice, and this time I combined it with a retro-looking sweater. I put on sneakers on my feet and trendy sunglasses on my nose, blew some bubbles with bubblegum. Which wasn’t easy, let me tell you. Obviously, I am out of practicve, given I was having my last pink bubblegum more than 15 years ago. But is was so fun!

outfit: Tom Tailor

created in collaboration with Tom Tailor


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