The Best Café in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Finding a good coffee place in our capital, Ljubljana isn’t hard. I have some standard places I go to on a weekly basis, Zvezda definitely being one of them. I was more than happy when they opened a new café in the National Gallery of Slovenia.

One of the selling points of Zvezda in National Gallery is definitely its view. While sipping a tasty cup of coffee (or any beverage of your choice), you get the most amazing view at one of the most important Baroque monuments in Slovenia, the Foundation of the Three Rivers by Francesco Robba. Zvezda is a great place to stop for a cup of excellent coffee and dessert after seeing an exhibition, since the atmosphere is pleasant and calming, while the ambiance is a nice mix of modern and traditional.

Speaking of delicious coffee, I would highly suggest you add some of Zvezda’s gourmet sweet treats to your menu. A cake dedicated to Luiza Peskajova, a Slovenia poet, is definitely one of my favourites. Luiza cake is a true masterpiece, that will satisfy anyone’s gourmet sweet-tooth.

shirt from PRIMARK
jeans from NEW YORKER
handbag from GIGI NEW YORK (buy HERE)
sneakers from CONVERSE (Mass store)
necklace from HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE (buy HERE)

photo: Domen Blenkuš

Robov vodnjak
Converse All Star white
Zvezda Ljubljana
kavarna Ljubljana
Zvezda Ljubljana Narodna galerija
Gigi New York handbag
Gigi New York handbag
Gigi New York handbag
Luiza torta Zvezda
marble necklace
Robov vodnjak
Vichy Idealia Eyes
Ajda Sitar
Zvezda Narodna galerija


  1. Sunday March 6th, 2016 / 05:56 PM

    Ajda, čudovita si! Izredno ti pašejo svetle barve.

  2. Sunday March 6th, 2016 / 06:57 PM

    Ne vem zakaj, ampak tista fotka (centrirana), kjer je torba na stolu, ima name nek "hypnotic" učinek:D I love it!
    Čudovit post in čudovita ti; komaj čakam, da obiščem ta "Cafej".

    xx, Sindi

    • Sunday March 6th, 2016 / 09:29 PM

      Hvala ti. Vsekakor moraš enkrat obiskati to kavarno, morda pa jo enkrat kar skupaj 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    Sunday March 6th, 2016 / 08:05 PM

    Cudovita si. #girlcrush ?

  4. Monday March 7th, 2016 / 10:50 AM

    Joj tam pa že nisem bla par let. Prav pozabla da obstaja xD Slike so pa kot vedno top ♥ Gigi torbice me že par mescov navdušujejo a se nikakor nemorem odločit med eno za nakup 😀

  5. Monday March 7th, 2016 / 01:25 PM

    Malo posebno vprašanje: iz kje pa je spodnja majčka? Ali je taka srajčka? 🙂
    Super lep post, zdej morem iti pa RES že počasi spet v Narodno galerijo pogledat 🙂

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