How blogging has changed me?

How blogging has changed me

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now, and I must admit, it has been quite a journey. I’ve grown a lot as a person in the meantime, my style has changed, my abilities improved. I’ve been browsing through my old blog posts, I realized how blogging has changed both me and my life…

The gift of creativity and inspiration
I wouldn’t call my (law) studies particularly artsy, there’s simply not a lot of room for creativity, especially the visual aspect of it. Blogging is here to help me evolve my creativity, through taking photos, writing as well as overall searching for new creative ways to put my content out there and inspire others. Hours spent on creating imagery, editing and writing are definitely paid off when you see your readers excited, coming back for more and audience growing. Thank you all for your support!

Meeting new people, making some friends
I’ve met some truly amazing people though my blogging days (like Deborah Mitchell herself!), I am lucky to be able to call some of them my true friends. They’re true and genuine, they inspire me, understand my dilemmas and problems, as well as helping solve some (while not judging me when I am taking 100 photos and rearranging their beverages in a cafe to get the perfect flatlay). I believe meeting new people has been one of the main stand-out things I get out from the blogging community.

It has opened up many doors for me
Many exciting projects have come in to my life in the past few years, many of them due to blogging. I got the chance to collaborate with the most amazing beauty and fashion brands, working with them on exciting campaigns, travel around the world, meet new people… I got the chance to write my own beauty column for Grazia magazine, now I am proud to be a beauty editor for one of the most recognized Slovenian online magazines, Etiketa Magazin. Blogging has also helped me understand the fashion and beauty world, marketing and all the things that come along.

It helped me be more confident
I wouldn’t necessarily call myself the least confident person, given being a part of the fashion and media industry for over 7 years now. But still. A few years back for example, I didn’t feel completely comfortable taking outdoor photography. People were (and still are) staring at me in the street, while I am posing for a photo. Now I just ignore it and smile back. I am not ashamed of doing what I do to create good, quality content and stand out of the crowd.

leather jacket from PENNY BLACK
sweater dress from PRIMARK
jewellery from PRIMARK
boots from TRGOVINA MASS

photo: Domen Blenkuš

marble rings
How blogging has changed my life
How blogging has changed my life
How blogging has changed me
marble rings


  1. Tuesday January 26th, 2016 / 10:43 PM

    Super objava. In tvoj outfit <3 P.s. Komaj čakam, da se spoznamo na kakšnem blogerskem srečanju. Si inspiracija, meni osebno in verjamem, da tudi veliko drugim. xx

  2. Anonymous
    Saturday February 6th, 2016 / 11:40 AM

    Ajda kje si kupila pa tole majhno čudovito torbico?

    • Saturday February 6th, 2016 / 07:50 PM

      Primark je. Imajo pa podobne tudi v New Yorkerju. 🙂

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