Kate Moss + Rimmel = Nude Perfection

There’s nothing I love more than a nude coloured makeup collection. If it’s from the drugstore, even better. Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate won my heart in a second, I admired it on other beauty blogs around the globe and my mother-in-law-to-be (without knowing I was secretly cawing it) bought some pieces for me a while ago, when she was on a business trip in London. She thought the shades would suit me nicely and she was right (btw, isn’t she the best?). Back to the products – I adore their lipsticks overall. Lasting Finish Matte by Kate in 107 is probably my absolute favourite lipstick of all times, while Lasting Finish by Kate in 03 shortly follows.

Five lipstick and five nail polishes in the Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate are designed to suit everyone, from cool to warm tones, from tanned to pale gals. Salon Pro with Lycra Nail Polishes have a spot on formula, they are easy to apply and last for a few days without chipping (3 days at least!). 126 Bare Yourself is a peachy nude I grab when I want some pale-nude coverage, while the 128 Mistify Me is a perfect creamy taupe. Lasting Finish Nude Collection Lipsticks by Kate truly are my cup of tea. Out of five, my mother-in-law bought me three – 40 Pale Nude is a beige with a yellow undertone (best for neutral skin undertones), you couldn’t go “nude-r” then that. 43 Tan Nude is a bit more on an orangey-tanned side (best for warm skin undertones), while the 45 Rose Nude is my absolute favourite out of the bunch (best for cool skin undertones). They are not completely matte and not the most long-lasting ones I tries, but they feel extremely comfortable and creamy on the lips (and smell amazing). The thing that I hate about a lot of nude lipstick is the fact that they can go in the lines quite quickly and therefore don’t look so nice on the lips – well, these ones don’t, my lips look amazing wearing them (that sounds a bit complacently, but hey, it’s true).



  1. Friday November 27th, 2015 / 05:55 PM

    Tale je res tvoja 😉 Jaz bi jo pa mogoče izbrala za pomlad 🙂

  2. Friday November 27th, 2015 / 07:37 PM

    Res lepi odtenki! Tudi sama sem vedno bolj mahnjena na vse kar je nude 🙂

  3. Friday November 27th, 2015 / 08:14 PM

    Lakci me ne ganejo, ampak šminke… prav zares popolnost <3 Pa me ponavadi nude odtenki ne ganejo ampak tele so pa čudovite!
    Xoxo, Nyx

  4. Monday November 30th, 2015 / 01:57 PM

    Ta je res popolna kolekcija – zate! 😀

    Jaz sem za nude odtenke samo na nohtih, na ustnicah sem se jih naveličala. Ampak zate je pa res popolna, ker ti zelo pašejo! 🙂

    Upam da v prihodnosti pride Rimmel tudi k nam, obsedena sem z njihovimi pudri <3

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