Street Style makeup with Essence Urbaniced LE

Essence is well known for its affordable prices and rather outstanding quality (especially with some products that really hit the mark. The brand recently came out with a limited edition collection named Urbaniced, inspired by an urban, street style. At first, the products didn’t seem much, however I was positively surprised shortly after the first swatch. It is targeted at younger buyers, however I’d say anyone (even more demanding users) could find a nice match for themselves.

Essence Urbaniced Blush (3,29€) is a mix of hot pink and light natural pink tones. Its splashing design and universally flattering shade have grown on me. Talking about cheeks, my favourite out of the bunch is definitely the Urbaniced highlighter (3,59€). With its buttery smooth texture and high pigmentation it’s a must for every highlight lover, especially those with fair skin (it’s a pinky-toned one, which is a perfect choice for pale girls). Urbaniced eyeshadows (2,19€) have a nice pigementation as well, their staying power is rather amazing and they are definitely a perfect pick for a smokey eye makeup. Since no smokey eyes makeup is complete without an eyeliner wig, an Urbaniced Graffiti Ink liner (2,99€) does it job well and finishes the Essence’s street style inspired look.



  1. Wednesday September 30th, 2015 / 10:16 AM

    Osvetljevalec izgleda luštno. Je bolj perlast ali bleščičast?

    • Wednesday September 30th, 2015 / 10:49 AM

      Prej perlast 🙂

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