Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipglosses

Finding a great lipgloss is like winning the lottery, in my opinion. I hate the sticky formula, demand moisture and prefer at least some pigment. And you know what, that’s where the newest Bourjois Sweet Kiss Gloss came in place.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Gloss (11,25€) combines all the elements of shine, moisture, pigment and great wear into their formula. It’s enriched with vegetable oils, one of them being the Crambe abyssinica from Ethiopia. It feels soft, smooth and hydrating on my lips, without being too sticky or tacky. The finish has a high shine, while the level of pigmentation is rather good as well (still easy to apply without any mirror, it has a brush-like applicator, which is quite precise). Bourjois claims to provide a 10 hour hydration – well, I am not sure about that, however I can agree, they are nourishing and hydrating enough for my often-dry-lips to wear on a daily basis. This neither too sheer not opaque product needs to be reapplied frequently, I mean “it’s a gloss, for heaven’s sake, what else did you expect?”. The released 6 shades in the range are: 01 Sand-Sation (peachy beige), 02 Rose Qui Peut (light frosty pink), 03 As De Pink (reddish pink), 04 Incogni-Rose (nude-mauve pink), 05 Orange Pressee (bright coraly-orange) and 06 Carton Rouge (bright strawberry red). I passed on the 01 and 04; the 03 was my sister’s choice, while the other three are traveling with me in my handbags lately (also featured in my outfit posts here and here). My sister and I, we both agree they feel luxurious and are worth checking out; out of 6 shades to pick from I am sure you will find the one that suits you best.



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