Borotalco deodorants

When it comes to deodorants, there are two brands that have never disappointed me – Vichy and Borotalco. While Vichy is more on the pricey side, Borotalco can be bought for about 3€ at your local drugstore or market. I’ve tested almost all of the deodorant products from Borotalco’s line and I must say that I’m pretty impressed by their effectiveness. The range of deodorants is rather large, they offer ones in spray packaging and roll-ons. I prefer the latter, however on heavily sweaty or stressed-out days I go for a combination of both. They all contain Microtalc that absorbs sweat and don’t contain any alcohol, which is a huge plus, at least for me, since I can easily use them right after shaving my armpits and they don’t dry out my skin. My favourite is probably the Borotalco Original with its distinctive unique scent, while I also love the Borotalco White with a white musk scent, a bit more feminine. Borotalco Invisible is the one I recommend to those who can’t stand yellow or white marks on their clothes, on the other hand Borotalco Pure would be »the pick« for those who are looking for an effective deodorant without aluminium salt. To sum it up, the scent of Borotalco products might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however I believe it is rather fresh, powdery, delicate and uni-sex. This brand has been on the market since 1904, they must be doing something right, right?


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  1. Sunday July 12th, 2015 / 07:58 PM

    Meni je tale Original daleč najboljši, ga skos kupujem 😀

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