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I’ve been writing about beauty products for years now, and it’s safe to say that my writing affected a few people. At least the people I know. My boyfriend Jan is definitely one of those who changed their “beauty routine” because of me quite a lot. He still doesn’t know a lot about ingredients, however he can distinguish between a good or bad product and he knows why he should cleans and moisturize his face (at least every now and then). Today, I decided (with his permission) to share with you some products he has been using and liking recently.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic redensifying shampoo (13,50€ for 200ml) has been a staple of his for years now. It doesn’t irritate his scalp and he never had dandruff after using it. For many of you, who don’t know, he is a track&field athlete, so in warmer months he usually practices outdoor where sunscreen protection is a must. His favourite at the moment is the La Roche-Posay Antihelios XL Comfort facial cream with SPF 50+ (16€ for 50ml), which is waterproof, light, non-comedogenic and it absorbs quickly. Mainly, the characteristics he looks for in facial creams are light texture and moisturizing ingredients. That’s why he loves the Afrodita Men 24h Hydra Extreme cream with matt effect (6,70€ for 50ml). On his table, there is a Nivea Men multi-purpose cream (2,61€ for 75ml/3,60€ for 150ml) that comes in a rather amazing jar packaging. He mostly uses it on dry parts of his body, on this hands and even sometimes on his face. When it comes to deodorants, he has been a fan of Old Spice in stick form for years and don’t see it changing any time soon. However, lately he has been using the Nivea Fresh Ocean deodorant and Nivea Invisible for black&white anti-perspirant (2,99€ for 150ml) in spray and liking them a lot.

I can imagine this post is rather different from my usual ones. Hopefully, some of my male readers will find it informative (or at least female ones buying for them).


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