Pre-workout Breakfast, Bowl of Homemade Yoghurt and Cereals

Breakfast has never been my favourite meal of the day. They say you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, for me it has been the other way around. I literally need to force myself into eating at least something relatively healthy in the morning (on the other hand, I am always up for some chocolate and I used to consider it as a breakfast in the past). Bad habits die hard…

Nevertheless, I’ve been loving a bowl of homemade plain yoghurt enriched with berries and cereals, especially before visiting the gym or a running session. Since most pre-made cereals on the market are high in sugar content (I’d rather go for a chocolate then), I usually go for classic oatmeal, rye or spelt flakes, some chopped almonds, goji berries and occasionally some chia seeds. A while ago a new Slovenian brand named zMüesli contacted me and asked whether I’d like to try out some of their products. They offer »homemade« mixtures of cereals. Some are pre-mixed but others you can choose your own mix (online) as well. Their offer wide range of ingredients, their shipping is super fast and the prices are reasonable. I find the whole idea and concept interesting and it’s definitely something worth checking out. Hopefully you can find an online store with a similar concept in your country as well; on the other hand, you can also prepare a mixture of your choice in your own kitchen, you just need to use your imagination(or some googling it up)…



  1. Wednesday April 1st, 2015 / 10:10 PM

    Sem bila že tik pred tem, da naročim te kosmiče, ampak sem si premislila – poštnina mi je enostavno predraga. Bom raje ostala pri svoji homemade granoli. Vsakemu svoje:)

    Tvoje slike pa seveda čudovite in brezhibne, kot zmeraj!

    Crayons and Beads

    • Thursday April 2nd, 2015 / 01:09 AM

      Ja, je kar 3,5€poštnine. Je pa res, da lahko paketek sama prevzameš v Šentvidu, če si kje blizu 🙂
      Domača granola zna biti tudi vrhunska, vseeno pa je s tem malo manj dela 🙂
      Hvala za pohvale <3

  2. Thursday April 2nd, 2015 / 10:39 AM

    Jaz sem si jih naročila in so bili že naslednje dopoldne pri meni, kar se mi zdi super hitra dostava! Dosti naročam preko spleta in se mi zdi cena poštnine čisto normalna. Izbira je res velika, kosmiči so me pa čisto presenetili saj so zares božanski 🙂 🙂

    • Thursday April 2nd, 2015 / 10:41 AM

      Dostava je res ekspresna. Me veseli, da so tudi tebi super! 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    Friday April 3rd, 2015 / 04:19 PM

    Odlična ideja! Všeč mi je celoten koncept, upam, da zaživi in dodajo še več sestavin (predvsem cacao nibs bi se veselila). Se splača čekirat tvoj blog, vedno kaj novega zvem 🙂 xx, A

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