Redken Chemistry System at Hair Salon Lasek

Redken Chemistry System is a professional treatment collection that adds shine and strength, seals the hair cuticle, and adds a brilliant gloss. The Chemistry System is an “inside-out approach” to creating healthy, shiny hair. These professional-use only treatments offer intense, customized benefits for individual hair needs. The advanced formula treatments provide immediate results after just one two-part treatment – the first phase is called the Shot Phase, followed by the Shot pHix pHase. Shot Phase includes six shots that can be blended for truly customized solutions: Smooth Down (for very dry hair), Color Extend (for color-treated hair), Real Control (for dense/dry/sensitized hair), Extreme (for distressed hair), All Soft (for dry/brittle hair) and Clear Moisture (for normal/dry hair). I got my Redken Chemistry System treatment done at hair salon Lasek in Domžale (Slovenia) and they prepared the mix of All Soft, Clear Moisture and Extreme for my hair. The pHix pHase seals the treatment bennies into your hair, rebalances your hair’s pH level and seals the cuticle. The stylist will choose one of two Shot pHix pHase spray-on lotions, 3.5 (for chemically treated hair) and 5.5 (for mechanically distressed hair). I noticed an immediate difference on my hair, they feel and look soft and nourished, are lustrous and manageable without any frizz. There is also a third phase (an additional conditioner), which is optional. It is for sure one of the professional treatments worth splurging on in my opinion. The results will last around 6-10 weeks, longer with the coordinating Redken take-home products (I am currently using the All Soft shampoo, Glam Blonde conditioner, All Soft leave-on spray conditioner and once a week a Redken Real Control Overnight Treat).




  1. Tuesday April 14th, 2015 / 09:56 PM

    Tvoji lasje izgledajo čudovito!:) Imam Redken All Soft balzam, pa ni dovolj vlažilen zame. Se pa tale tretma v salonu sliši zelo zanimivo. Meni bi kar vse skupaj zmešali, ker se mi zdi, da spadam pod vsako kategorijo:D.

    • Wednesday April 15th, 2015 / 12:00 PM

      Jaz imam All Soft samo šampon, balzam pa iz druge linije. Res je vrhunska nega, ki jo je vredno poskusit 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    Wednesday April 15th, 2015 / 09:08 AM

    Zdravo Ajda, mogoče "nepovezano" vprašanje – katero barvo za lase uporabljaš? Mislim na znamko in odtenek.

    • Wednesday April 15th, 2015 / 12:01 PM

      Kot je omenjeno v zgornjem tekstu, barvajo me v frizerskem salonu Lask z barvami znamke Redken (namešajo barvo zame, zato ne morem povedati odtenka). 🙂

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