La Roche Posay Selfie

La Roche Posay is definitely one of my favourite French brands (besides my first love – Vichy, of course). I’ve been loving their amazing products with carefully selected ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin (I am using the Hydraphase Intense Riche at the moment). To prove that La Roche Posay is much more than just a brand that takes care of our skin, they decided to put out a »You share, we care.« initiative. By sharing your selfie with your favourite LPR product on their website, they will commit to donate one product to children who are not able to afford one. It is a nice gesture, for sure! I am not sure whether this action goes on in all of the countries offering LRP, make sure you check the official website (and post your selfie) or share your selfie on Instagram with #yousharewecare.


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