My secret to waving dry skin bye, bye

My normal to dry skin type is constantly keeping me on a hunt for new products that will provide my skin all the moisture and nourishment it needs. Every winter, there comes a time, when my skin is dehydrated and in order for it not to look as a cracked dried out lake bottom, a proper skin care is a must! The following products have been more than helpful in the last few weeks and I wanted to share them with you, if you fight the same fight as I do:

Vichy Thermal Spa Water is a soothing and fortifying mineral-rich water in a spray mist that provides an immediate refreshing effect on skin. It boosts skin comfort and it works perfectly as a “base” before applying oil, serum or moisturizer. You may also use it along with your gel eyeliner in a pot or for wet eyeshadow application, as a gentle makeup setting spray or just as a refreshment during the day. It has been “a must” in my routine for a few years now.

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Heavenly Eyes Regenerating Complex is an amazing eye product I discovered this winter. Hands down, this is one of the best eye creams I’ve ever tried, especially if your eye area is rather dry. It contains some super amazing nourishing ingredients such as vitamin A, oxygen and moisture reservoir. This little can last for quite some time, keep that in mind when checking its price.

A high quality hydration mask is essential these days! Clarins Hydra Quench cream mask is an oasis of comfort for dry, devitalized skin (as they say at Clarins). You leave this one on your skin for 5-10 minutes, meanwhile a Katafray draws moisture to the skin and a Sorbier Budy helps stimulate micro-circulation for a healthy-looking glow. My skin feels fresh, radiant and well moistured after use.

For my hands, I’ve been switching the products constantly and the one that really made a huge difference to my dry and itchy skin is Nivea SOS Hand Balm Repair & Care. It soothes and protects dry and chapped hands with its concentrated formula with Dexpanthenol and Hydra IQ. I am clapping with my well-moisturized hands for this one!

Labello Lip Butter Original has been nourishing my lips with a moisturizing formula that contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil, leaving them ultra soft. This one has been one of the many lip treatments I’ve been (ab)using this winter and I can really give it a thumbs up for amazing formula, scent and effects.



  1. Tuesday February 17th, 2015 / 10:49 AM

    Morem nujno sprobat kako se obnese tale "voda" kot fiksator 😉

    • Tuesday February 17th, 2015 / 01:01 PM

      Vsekakor ni nekega močnega učinka, malo pa le fiksira makeup 🙂

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