Alessandro Material Girl

Alessandro Material Girl Fall 2014

I more or less always wear natural or nude colors on my nails. I like them to be as natural as possible, however the main reason why I usually go for natural-just-better shades lies somewhere else – I’m just not one of those girls who love doing manicure and correcting the nailpolish every few days. I’m just too lazy for that and don’t find it relaxing at all. Nevertheless, Fall is definetly that time of the year when I experiment more and deep shades are definitely the ones to go for this year.

Alessandro launched their new »Material Girl« collection, full with autumn rich reds, browns and nudes with iridescent accents and deep blue hues (plus a shimmering textured top coat). The shades are perfect for every girl who wants to pull out an elegant yet striking look. Starless Night is a mystic blue, one of the prettiest blue shades out there, Femme Fatale is a rich warm brown, a Fall »must-have« for sure and my last pick is the stunning coral shade named First Blush. Pretty pretty, right?

Alessandro Material Girl nailpolishes
Alessandro Material Girl Femme Fatale
Alessandro Material Girl Starless Night
Alessandro Material Girl Fall 2014
Alessandro Material Girl Fall 2014
Alessandro Material Girl


  1. Saturday September 20th, 2014 / 09:55 AM

    Zelo lepi odtenki. Ampak v našem Mullerju že nekaj časa ni več Allesandrota, kje se ga lahko dobi?

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