Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes

Heaven Bee Venom Mask was the first product I tried from Heaven skin care and it blew my mind (read all about it here). I was curious but at the same the scared before trying other products from this brand – you know how big a disappointment can be after one product set the bar so high. Today, I am going to review Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes for you…

What does Heaven by Deborah Mitchell say?
Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes are soft, thick, luxurious organic cotton facial wipes with organic apple and honey based formula that cleanses, tones and moisturises. The ingredients are 95% organic and are approved by the Soil Association. They were designed by Deborah Mitchell and her daughter Ella Jane (being the first ever wipes to use alone or with your skin care routine); Deborah never agreed with facial wipes because she felt they don’t deep clean, Ella loved the convenience of them. These large organic cloth cotton wipes contain apple pectin and are textured to exfoliate deep clean and even remove mascara. Containing Apple Pectin which works to dissolve and exfoliate skin cells, these facial wipes soften your skin as well as give it a deep cleanse. The Honey ingredients work to heal the skin whilst the extracts of peppermin help balance oily areas. Suitable for all types of skin, the extra ingredient of peppermint oil is great for keeping blemishes at bay. For extra cleansing the wipes can be used with any of the Heaven cleansing creams making them the first ever facial wipes to use with your daily skincare routine.

What do I say?
I wasn’t a fan of cleaning my face with facial wipes – they didn’t seem effective enough, some even irritated my skin and eyes. I was a bit skeptical when I opened the Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes package. Soon I discovered that these are not your usual facial wipes – they did a great job removing my makeup without any skin or eye irritation. They are twice the size of a normal cleansing wipe and they don’t dehydrate my skin. I don’t really suggest replacing your regular cleanser with these on a long term basis, but they are really practical for traveling, holidays or in my case photoshoots and shooting commercials (where you don’t have running water plus you don’t need to carry your makeup remover and cleansing gel with you). My skin really feels soft and clean after using them; I even don’t feel any tightening (my skin still needs an oil or serum and moisturizer though). Not pricey at all and really really practical!

Price: 9,90€



  1. Anonymous
    Friday July 11th, 2014 / 08:30 PM

    res lepe fotke!

  2. Anonymous
    Saturday July 12th, 2014 / 09:44 PM

    jaz zares ne prenesem čiščenja z robčki, do sedaj nisem našla še nobenih dobrih. mogoče kdaj poskusim…

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