Dry Skin Saviours

Many of us are affected by dry, dehydrated skin or dry patches. Those conditions may be particularly noticeable during winter, some of us call it an everyday challenge. First, let’s sort something out. Dry skin and dehydrated skin aren’t the same thing. Dry skin is a skin type, whereas dehydrated skin is a skin condition (and skin can be dry and dehydrated at the same time). Dry skin feels taut and uncomfortable after washing, therefore it must be moisturised. It tends to have a fine texture, which can be a plus or minus (plus: if it’s well cared for; minus: it is prone to premature fine lines). Generally, dehydrated skin is easier to correct than dry skin. Keeping skin soft and supple is way easier with the right products. Some of them can fix both – dry and dehydrated skin.

Ren Skincare is definitely a brand worth checking if you have any sort of skin issues. They have an amazing range for blemish prone or sensitive skin. I came across two of their products, both suitable for dry skin (my skin type is normal to dry). A combination of Ren Rose O¹² Moisture Defence Oil and Ren Ultra Moisture Day Cream has been truly amazing for me. Ultra Moisture Day Cream was specifically formulated with a moisture replenishing complex to leave dry skin soothed, comfortable, optimally hydrated and looking beautifully healthy. It also protects against free radicals to combat signs of premature ageing. An ultra-moisturising oil Rose O¹² Moisture Defence Oil is a miracle worker for dry and dehydrated skin. It is formulated to give skin a powerful shield to lock in moisture and restore glowing softness, comfort and radiance. I just mix a drop of this delightfully smelling thing into a face cream in morning and sometimes in the evening as well. It makes my skin soft, radiant and glowy. I read some reviews about people with normal to combination skin using these two products and they found them amazing as well (I even bumped onto some with oily skin type using this oil and loving it). Once a week I treat myself to Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask with clary sage. These one promises similar to the previous two products – it is scientifically proven to intensely hydrate skin and also helps increase skin’s ability to retain moisture. Your skin will possess softness and suppleness like never before. Hands down to this product! I am totally addicted (plus it smells divine and is 99% naturel). Once a week comes time for Vichy Purete Thermale Softening Exfoliating Cream as well. It contains antioxidant Vitamin E and perfectly rounded jojoba pearls to cleanse pores deep down and gently refine skin’s texture without drying out the skin. It comes in a rich, creamy texture, keeping my skin deeply cleansed but gently exfoliated. This has been one of my all time favorites from Vichy. When it comes to body skin care, I still swear by Mama Mio OMega Super-Rich Body Cream (the brand just got a make over separating Mama Mio pregnancy skincare and Mio high intensity bodycare and changing the appearance of their products). I wrote a full review a while ago, you can check it here. Last buy not least, a multipurpose product for face, body and hair – Payot Elixir oil with extracts of myrrh and amyris. This precious oil in an elegant spray bottle repairs, nourishes, softness and beautifies the body, face and hair, while ensuring long-lasting protection against drying and dehydration. Extracts of myrrh and amyris stimulate the reconstruction of the epidermis, a blend of plant oils reinforces the skin against daily aggressions and boosts its resistance to stress, essential oil of osmanthus relaxes the features and uncreases the skin’s ability to recover. A miracle oil with heavenly scent! Not only that all of these products succeeded in the mission to impress me, they all have an additional thing in common – their scent is to die for!



  1. Pinky
    Thursday June 26th, 2014 / 09:21 AM

    Super post! Všeč mi je, da se opazi na fotografijah, da izdelek dejansko nekdo uporablja ali testira. Vse preveč je namreč ''bloggerk/jev'', ki samo prepisujejo učinke in hvalijo vsepovprek, izdelkov pa dejansko niti ne preizkusijo.

    • Thursday June 26th, 2014 / 11:27 AM

      Hvala 🙂 Običajno jaz fotografiram produkte preden jih testiram (da je fotografija lepša), seveda pa objave nikoli ne napišem prej. Tukaj se pa jasno vidi, da gre za produkte, ki sem jih uporabljala v daljšem časovnem obdobju (Mama Mio krema je praktično prazna, Vichy piling gre tudi proti koncu) 🙂

  2. Thursday June 26th, 2014 / 07:57 PM

    Jaz imam precejšnje težave s suho kožo, sploh pozimi. Do zdaj mi je najbolj pomagala krema Nutric Intense Riche od La Roche-Posay, zadnje čase se navdušujem pa tudi nad Nuxovim oljem. Me pa zanima kakšen je tale piling od Vichy, tako da ga definitivno sprobam. 🙂

    • Friday June 27th, 2014 / 06:22 PM

      Jaz sem ravno dobila Nuxovo olje in je dokaj podobno Payot-ovemu. Nisem prepričana, če ne malo slabše (predvsem na laseh se ne obnese tako dobro). Ampak moram jasno prej konkretno stestirati preden lahko kaj rečem 🙂

  3. Saturday June 28th, 2014 / 03:52 AM

    I love you love REN. I have "felt" the texture of the Rose oil at a store but have never used it… now you've made me curious! Thank you for sharing your recommendations/secrets with us! Xoxo

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