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I thought it would be fun to share with you my “what’s in my bag” post. I’ve been carrying this amazing Ivory Olivia Shopper, which at the moment represents the perfect bag for me. It’s quite large, spacious, mine comes in ivory shade, which is suitable for Spring or Summer. I haven’t done these kind of posts, but I do like reading/watching them when I come across them on fashion, beauty blogs or youtube, so I decided to give it a try.

My most frequently used bag at the moment is Ivory Olivia Shopper, which has my initials on it (“AS” stands for Ajda Sitar; how cool is that?). I have a matching wallet as well. What I love about this Ivory Large Zip Around Wallet is the fact that it is not only classic, elegant and extremely well made, but also has really handy compartments, and I can have it all nicely organised (as you can see I store all of my credit cards, bonus shopping cards, my fitness card for Fitnessclub 4P….). Moving on with the basics – My bag obviously carries my keys on a metal Maxmara keychain and my iPhone (which is pretty self-explanatory; calling, texting, checking mails and calendar, instagramming, using facebook and other apps all day long – yes, I might be just a little addicted). The next two most important things I always have in my bag is my notebook (the black one I got as a gift from an advertising agency LUNA TBWA) and a blog organizer (which I got from Stylight). I must say that I am a bit nervous when I forget them at home, I just feel unorganised and stressed (eventhough I do have all mayor events and meetings saved in my iPhone calender, it just doesn’t comfort me; seeing stuff all written down on a paper calms me down – does that sound totally ridiculous to you?). Otherwise, it depends on my schedule – if I am going to my lectures, I’ll be carrying around some books for sure and I sometimes even take my laptop with me. By the way, how cute is my Zero Gravity laptop case? On the other hand, if I know I’ll be waiting or just chilling outside with a cup of coffee (or icecream) I might just take some magazines with me (I have my own page/column in Grazia, which I am really proud of). On a sunny day ZeroUV sunglasses are a must. And on those days when I know I’ll be wearing contact lenses for a longer period, I take my Gucci prescription eyeglasses from Sentina optics in my bag as well (I used to be really “lazy” and I wore them for 10 hours straight as well, which wasn’t great for my eyes; but lately I’m a good girl and I switch to prescription eyeglasses more often). Besides all this stuff and some beauty products, you might just find some snacks or chewing gums in my bag as well (however you shouldn’t count on it, because they have the tendency to disappear really really fast).

What might come as a shock to you is the fact that I really don’t carry a lot of make up or cosmetic products in my bag most of the time. They actually almost all fit in my rather small Clarins makeup bag. It’s where I usually store my Carmex (lipbalm is a total “must have” for me), Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll On (an eye contour moisturizer with mineral rich Vichy Thermal Water, Dextran and Escin, which help reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and intensity of dark circles), Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (I love the shade RD321 Ebi and the formula is not too sticky, just perfect), Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector (I have it in shade 101 Very Light and it really comes handy when you just need some correction under the eyes and it even works quite well at covering spots), some random lipsticks (like on these photos the Chanel one, however it is not a regular in my bag) and a smaller version of one of my favourite fragrances – Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum. Besides my Clarins makeup bag, I carry a Vichy Nutriextra Nutri-Repair Hand Cream (to keep skin on my hands protected and nourished), La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection A Porter which comes in an elegant leather white travel bag (check my review here). And that’s more or less it. Of course sometimes I take a bigger makeup bag with me, but only when absolutely needed.



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