Aquafresh Fashion Week Slovenia Day 2

As I previously said, my week was pretty hectic. I only had time to attend the Monday’s and Tuesday’s fashion shows at 21:00, due to the my busy schedule. I was filming a Russian cheese commercial from Tuesday to Thursday (on Tuesday I did some hand modelling, the other two days I had a role of a mum with two kids). Even though I really love doing this kind of stuff, I must admit that this week really stressed me out. I am a bit sorry to miss the last day of the Aquafresh Fashion Week, however I still enjoyed the first two days. On Tuesday (at 21:00) we had a chance to see the work of these designers: Mojca Celin, Miro Misljen, Draž, Maja Štamol and Almira Sadar. Huge thanks to Ana Lazovski for my makeup and hair (she’s not only an incredible makeup artist, she also creates totally amazing exclusive head pieces)!

Perla necklace
Marks&Spencer swater
custom made chiffon trousers
makeup & hair: Ana Lazovski

photo: Domen Blenkuš,




  1. Thursday April 24th, 2014 / 04:20 PM

    love your top!


  2. Saturday April 26th, 2014 / 04:45 PM

    You look lovely! Beautiful necklace!

    p.s. It might be once till now, it might be often, but thank you for having a second of your time to visit my blog…

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