Vogue Festival London Part 2

London welcomed me with some expected rain that hadn’t ruined my day – Vogue Festival was waiting for me, or better – I was craving for Paul Smith’s and Alexa Chung’s lecture! After shopping on Oxford Street, I met up with Alexandra Clement (Stylight) and Natasha (blogger at Girl in the lens) at the London Eye. Heading towards Southbank Center we had a nice short chat getting to know each other. After arriving Natasha and I took a look at all the offerings Vogue prepared for us in the lobby – everything from make-up tutorials, hair braiding, Vogue shop… The Queen Elizabeth Hall was reserved for the annual Vogue Festival lectures, and it was sold out. We were all waiting for Sir Paul Smith who teamed with Alexa Chung. Paul Smith definitely is one of the biggest fashion “names”, nevertheless he is known for his fine tailoring. Because of his recognizable design and remarkable personality he really is the one to do Fashion and Personality talk. Despite being a “sir”, he really is a down-to-earth person with a great sense of humor and charm. Alexa Chung was undoubtedly a great match-up (Paul loves beautiful girls) for this lecture, being an amazing model, contributing editor at UK Vogue and BFC Style ambassador.

After Smith’s introductory inspiration speech, how we can find it everywhere – from art to music, architecture and importance of things as: design, communication, individualism, personality, quality and more. They were comfortably seating on sofas, and the lecture went by while he mainly answered questions she asked. I got an insight into what kind of people they are, they really “let us in”. The end of the lecture was handed over to listeners for any questions we had. After the lecture I went for a cup of tea with Alexandra and some other bloggers. We later did some shopping and meet up for a delicious dinner in a nice Italian restaurant. The whole experience was beyond amazing, Stylight organized a trip of my dreams! I’m hoping for another trip like this soon.


  1. Friday May 10th, 2013 / 09:26 AM

    I love Alexa and I love London!Amazing pics!

  2. Friday May 10th, 2013 / 02:10 PM

    That does seem like a dream trip, babe! Hope you enjoyed and soaked up every moment of it.;)

  3. Anonymous
    Friday May 10th, 2013 / 06:29 PM

    waaa zgleda noro, pozdravcki iz Milana 🙂 G

  4. Anonymous
    Saturday May 11th, 2013 / 06:55 AM

    Jaaa hudo bejba, tole pa ni kar tako! 🙂 Dobra in predvsem zabavna izkušnja, ne dvomim, da te čaka še kaj večjega kmalu.
    xx, A

  5. Sunday May 12th, 2013 / 05:44 AM

    The pictures looks like. Dream trip. Great pictures I see you needed a umbrella, typical London 😉


  6. Sunday May 12th, 2013 / 02:24 PM

    your top is just so cool! I love it girl! 🙂


  7. Anonymous
    Sunday May 12th, 2013 / 03:54 PM

    Sm ti ze enkrat napisala da dost obetas oz.tvoj blog! Ocitno sem imela prav, Tina

  8. Sunday May 12th, 2013 / 05:32 PM

    Fabulous event dear ! I love your jacket 🙂

  9. Sunday May 12th, 2013 / 06:28 PM

    amazing! looks like a lovely time 🙂

  10. Sunday May 12th, 2013 / 11:24 PM

    The event must have been truly a wonderful experience, You look so lovely hun!

  11. FashionMelon
    Sunday May 12th, 2013 / 11:29 PM

    You're so lucky! Great photos!

  12. Monday May 13th, 2013 / 05:31 AM

    Amazing Event!!!! Very cool pics!!!
    I'm already following you darling!!
    Keep in touch….

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