POLYVORE SET: Slovenian Design

Maybe you haven’t heard the fact that the famous jewelry designer Lara Bohinc comes from Slovenia. She really is the one that made it big, everyone wears her designs – from first ladies to Hollywood stars. However, we also have some other promising accessories designers. In this Polyvore set you can catch a glimpse of Slovenian fashion designers who focus on fashion accessories.

Lara Bohinc – probably doesn’t need any additional description (recognisable)
Moja Moja by Katja Klepec – a designer that makes interesting and unique
purses, she also expanded her creativity on clothing pieces (black and white envelope purse from Geometric Fusion line and the unusual shaped one Tetra)
Hana Karim ceramic jewelry – a young jewelry designer who makes unusual fashion jewelry pieces from ceramics (the most recognisable pieces are the bird, like on the photo)
Marjeta Grošelj – one of the established bag designers, who has had her place in the Slovenian market for some decades. (the green beauty on the right bottom)
time I decided to pick their pieces to make a set. However, many other
designers are worth mentioning, like Katja Koselj, Milani, Verja.art…



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