The Beanie

Having this colorful beanie in my closet for some years now, I decided to give it a try and started wearing it again. I like it because it’s different with the pattern and all those colors. The headwear and a warm coat are a must in these days, don’t let the sun fool you (it only came around today, but the temperatures were still just above freezing point). This Nike coat is one of my favourite winter pieces, because it’s very soft, warm and well made. A simple long sweater/tunic is made more interesing by a vintage pearl necklace and red sealing Marc Jacobs ring.

Nike belted coat
Massimo Dutti long sweater/tunic
United Colors of Benetton beanie
Marc by Marc Jacobs ring
Asos necklace
photo: Sasha’s portfolio



  1. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 09:04 AM

    so beautiful.. you look just great dear 🙂
    xxx Ros.e.

  2. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 09:54 AM

    love that beanie!

  3. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 01:55 PM

    defnitely loving your sweater and beanie! yay! 🙂

  4. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 02:12 PM

    love your beanie! Very nice

  5. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 03:12 PM

    great style!

  6. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 03:49 PM


    I found your comment on my blog for follower ..
    I'm there :*

    xoxo J.

  7. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 05:01 PM

    beautiful hair<3 so pretty! amazing ring!

  8. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 05:22 PM

    Love it! You look so stunning. 🙂

    xx, Julia

  9. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 07:01 PM

    Well you should wear it more often!!! You loo great!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  10. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 07:40 PM

    Amazing beanie!Great pictures!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

  11. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 09:00 PM

    very nice .. i follow you!

  12. Thursday December 20th, 2012 / 09:38 PM

    you are very nice 🙂

  13. Friday December 21st, 2012 / 02:45 PM

    Super cool look dear!
    Amazing blog! Following you on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow me back! <3

  14. Friday December 21st, 2012 / 06:22 PM

    I seem to be living in my beanies in this weather, super snug and stylish!!

    ▲_▲ HYENA

    Happy Holidays xx ☺

  15. Friday December 21st, 2012 / 10:21 PM

    hey girl u look amazing!! lovethe styling casual yet you look very classy 🙂 love it

  16. Saturday December 22nd, 2012 / 12:37 AM

    wow! you are gorgeous! love the beanie. it seems you took something rather casual and made it look quite chic. 😛

    thanks for visiting my blog, by the way! i'll be sure to check yours often, now that i've found you!


    – Anna

  17. Saturday December 22nd, 2012 / 02:36 PM

    Beautiful colors and print on that beanie!

  18. Saturday December 22nd, 2012 / 08:58 PM

    love your beanie, it is super cute and I really like the print:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

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